Tuition Remission and Exchange Programs

Policy Area: Human Resources/Business Office

Policy Title: Albion College Tuition Remission Policy

Effective Date: March 2021

Approved By: Cabinet

Policy Owner: Human Resources

Policy Statement

The tuition benefit programs provide tax-free tuition assistance to employees and their family members. The tuition remission benefit provisions for union employees are detailed in the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA). Tuition benefits programs are extended to eligible full-time faculty, administrative employees of Albion College, their spouses, and dependents in accordance with the following provisions and the provisions of the GLCA TRE, CIC TEP and The Tuition Exchange programs as applicable.

Primary Impact On: Full-time Faculty and Administrative employees. Tuition remission benefit provisions for union employees are detailed in the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA).

Eligibility Defined

  • Employee: An eligible employee includes faculty and administrative members who meet all academic and admission requirements of the College and classified as regular, full-time employee.
  • Spouse: An eligible spouse is defined as the legal spouse of an eligible employee.
  • Dependent: An eligible dependent is defined as a natural born child, legally adopted child, or stepchild, unmarried, who is eligible to be claimed as a deduction on the eligible staff member’s income tax return for the previous two years and in the tax period in which the tuition is waived, and who meets all the admission and academic requirements of the institution. Stepchildren must also have established residency on a permanent basis in the employee’s household.

Wait Periods


Application Procedure

Students eligible for benefits under this policy must apply to the institution(s) directly using the normal application channels and register for courses through normal registration channels. Participation in the tuition program in subsequent years must be renewed each year and a FAFSA completed for each year of participation at Albion.

Interested/eligible employees should complete the following application procedure:

Tuition Programs

Albion CollegeYesYesYes
CIC TEPYesYes (including graduate programs)Yes (not graduate programs)
The Tuition Exchange (TE)YesYes (not graduate programs)Yes (not graduate programs)

Albion College

Albion College Tuition Remission is available to eligible staff members, spouses and dependents as defined above. Tuition remission at 100% except as indicated in the partial benefit section below. Studies must be on a full-time basis for dependents and employees may take one unit per semester (including summer). Tuition remission will apply only to enrollment in regularly scheduled, credit courses during the Fall, and Spring sessions.

  • Dependents: After accepting admission through the standard admission process, Tuition remission shall be granted to eligible dependents for ten (10) semesters of academic work or the attainment of a bachelor’s degree, whichever occurs first. Studies must be on a full-time basis
  • Employee: It is expected that courses be taken outside of regular working hours as space permits, 1 course per term including summer. At the supervisor’s discretion, work hours may be adjusted to accommodate class schedules.
  • Spouse: As space permits, 1 course per term including summer

Partial Benefit:

  • Eligible spouses and dependents that hold a bachelor’s degree and wish to take additional course work will pay $200 for a one unit course.
  • Eligible spouses and dependents that take more than a full load (4.5 units) will be responsible for 50% of the tuition cost associated with the overload.
  • For eligible dependents wishing to accelerate a program during the regular school year at Albion College, wherein such acceleration is merely for the purpose for entry into another college or into Albion College as a regular student, tuition remission shall equal 50% of the standard rate of tuition. Further, the student may be admitted to the course only if regular enrollment is sufficient to make the course pay and there is space available.
  • Eligible employees and spouses may participate in the CIC Course Exchange if they are degree seeking students and have academic department approval. Courses taken through the CIC Course Exchange count as the 1 course per term.


Great Lakes Colleges Association Tuition Exchange Program (TRE) include the thirteen GLCA member colleges, Wittenberg University, Willamette and two members of the Associated Colleges of the Midwest (Beloit and Grinnell).

Dependents only: benefit eligibility determined by Albion College, all other policies affecting the student are determined by the college the student attends. Application for admission determined through the regular admission process established by that college. The charges included in the remission of tuition are determined by the college the student is attending. Participation in the tuition program requires completion of the Albion College Tuition program form as well as the GLCA TRE application. These forms are to be submitted to the Albion College Human Resources office after accepting admission to the TRE participating school. A TRE fee of 15 percent of the mean charge of tuition for the participating colleges will be billed to the student by the college the student is attending.
Additional Information, including participation guidelines and program application form available.


Council of Independent Colleges (CIC) Tuition Exchange Program (TEP) includes over 400 colleges and universities. The benefit covers the full cost of tuition as determined by the importing institution. Students are responsible for all non-tuition charges—room, board, and fees—at the institution in which they enroll. Eligibility for participation in the tuition benefit program is determined by Albion College but approval for participation in the TEP program is determined by the college the student wants to attend. Students should submit their TEP application simultaneously with their application for college admission. Each institution sets its own criteria for selecting applicants, but since many institutions select applicants on a first-come/first-serve basis, it is recommended that the student submit the admissions and CIC-TEP applications as soon as possible.

If approved, the benefit is available for a total of four years or eight semesters. Employees and students must meet both Albion College’s and the importing college’s published standards to continue the benefit.

  • Dependents: Graduate programs are not available to dependents.
  • Employee: It is expected that courses be taken outside of regular working hours. Must have the approval of your supervisor and division head.
  • Spouse: Undergraduate and graduate programs are available to spouses.

Additional Information, including participation guidelines and program application form available.

The Tuition Exchange – TE

Tuition Exchange (TE) is a reciprocal scholarship opportunity for the dependents of eligible faculty and staff at over 625 member schools… Through TE, member colleges and universities offer over 6,500 scholarship awards annually. Each member school sets its own policies and procedures for determining eligibility and requirements for scholarships. TE scholarships are not guaranteed; they are competitive awards for which you may apply. For information please contact Albion College Human Resources office or the TE website.


Dependents are limited to 10 semesters of academic work (based on the degree program) or the attainment of a bachelor’s degree, whichever occurs first regardless of program. Tuition remission shall not apply to other fees, room and board charges, textbooks and supplies, any other cost of instruction, tuition and fees for non-credit courses, special programs or Summer College. What is covered as “tuition” by TE, CIC and GLCA programs will be determined by the importing institution.

Financial Aid

Eligible individuals who will be attending Albion will not be eligible for the tuition benefit unless they also apply for financial aid which includes completion of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and any required documents. The FAFSA must be submitted by the deadline established by Financial Aid. The amount of Tuition Remission at Albion may be reduced by the need-based entitlement grants received (Pell, Michigan Tuition, etc.) and any other aid that is tuition specific. Students will not be awarded academic/merit scholarships. The family is required to meet with financial aid to analyze how their Tuition Remission will be calculated. Tuition Remission calculation is specific to each family’s FAFSA. Completion of the FAFSA may be required for participation in the GLCA, TE and CIC programs as well. If applicable, the treatment of financial aid will follow that program’s policy/procedures.

Termination of Employment

Tuition remission or exchange will terminate at the end of the semester/term in which the full-time faculty, administrative or hourly member ceases to be employed by the College. When employment terminates between semesters/terms, the College recognizes that different institutions operate on different schedules, therefore the employee/spouse/child will be eligible to continue any semesters which have already begun (prior to the effective date of the end of employment) at their enrolled institution. Eligible spouses and dependents are entitled to tuition benefits as long as the staff member remains in the service of the College but their eligibility will not be terminated if the staff member retires under an approved College plan, dies or becomes totally disabled during service, provided the staff member has served a minimum of five years of service prior to retirement, death or disability. The tuition remission privilege would, however, terminate for the spouse upon remarriage.


Exceptions to this policy, if any, need to be authorized in advance by the appropriate Vice President or President in consultation with the Business Office.