Retirement Privileges for Staff Members

Policy Area: Human Resources / Information Technology

Policy Title: Retirement Privileges for Staff Members

Effective Date: March 2022

Submitted By: Human Resources

Approved By: President’s Cabinet September 2021

Policy Owner: Human Resources

Policy Statement:

These guidelines will be implemented for retiring College employees effective March 2022. Staff retirees may request continued access to their email accounts and other privileges below, however additional measures will be enacted to ensure the security of the system.


  • Full-time staff member with minimum of 15 years of consecutive service at Albion College
  • Retirement from employment in good standing
  • All requests must be supported by the supervisor and/or division head
  • Retiring staff must request retirement privileges at the same time as submitting their retirement letter.


Eligible retirees may continue to use the following services:

College Google Workplace including Email Account

  • Albion College Google Workplace Campus Account: An integrated suite of secure, cloud-native collaboration and productivity apps powered by Google AI. Includes Gmail, Docs, Drive, Calendar, Meet and more. Retirees can continue to use their Albion College Google email, calendar, and other Google Apps to stay in touch with former colleagues, friends, and family and for whatever other personal uses you may have.
  • Email Protocol:
    • An out of office message will be activated for first month of retirement indicating the new point of contact at the College for work-related matters
    • Email addresses will be permitted for extension upon request.
    • In appropriate circumstances, the College reserves the right to review and/or monitor emails sent or received through its network, at its sole discretion. Albion College will take reasonable precautions to protect the privacy of electronic documents and will not endeavor to access user documents or messages except when necessary to:
        • Comply with College policies
        • Comply with local, Michigan or federal laws
        • Protect the integrity of the College’s information technology resources and/or the rights and property of the College
        • Allow the Department of Information Technology to perform system administration activities

Library eResources and Computer Labs

Eligible retirees may request permission to retain their Albion College network account in order to access the Library’s online subscription resources and workstations in campus computer labs as seats are available and not needed by students.

  • LDAP ID: Your Albion College network ID, i.e., “mjohnson”. This provides access to the Library’s online subscription resources allowing retirees to stay abreast with the literature of their field.
  • College Computer Labs: Access to workstations in campus computer labs as seats are available and not needed by students.

Albion College Staff Retiree ID Card

  • Eligible retirees may request an Albion College Retiree ID Card, which provides all rights equivalent to those of present staff members, including admission to athletic events, recreation facilities (i.e. Dow and Depot), lecture/concert series, Library services, and Bookstore privileges. Access to the Dow and Depot athletic facilities. Requests shall be made via email to prior to separating from the College.

Requesting Access

Eligible retirees must request a continuance of their email account with their department administrator at the time they submit their resignation. Department heads will forward the request (including their support) to

Termination of Access

Albion College reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. Users must adhere to the Information Technology Acceptable Usage policy at all times while accessing College email; improper usage will result in immediate termination of IT privileges at the College’s discretion.

Retired employees utilizing this benefit may request in writing an end to their access. Employees who opt out of the extended access or terminate access may not reactivate College-issued IT credentials.

All unused retiree accounts will be disabled after one year.


You may contact Client Services at or (517) 629-0479 for assistance with College computing services.


For questions about this policy please contact Human Resources ( or 517-629-0205).

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Information Technology Acceptable Usage policy

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