All Faculty and Staff

Policy Statement

Albion College prohibits the solicitations, distribution and posting of materials on the property of Albion College by any employee or non-employee, except as may be permitted by this policy. The sole exceptions to this policy are charitable and community activities supported by Albion College management and Albion College-sponsored programs.


  • During the fall and spring semesters, outside vendors with the approval of Albion College Campus Programs and Organizations (CPO) will be permitted to sell products/services to the students in or outside the Kellogg Center.
  • Employees may not solicit other employees during work times, except in connection with an Albion College approved or sponsored event.
  • Employees may not distribute literature of any kind during work times, or in any work area at any time, except in connection with a Albion College sponsored event
  • Solicitations on Albion College work areas, in person, through the campus mail, e-mail or voice mails are permitted only by recognized Albion College student organizations or sanctioned Albion College programs.
  • The college will not authorize the use of campus facilities for a specific candidate for public office. A group or organization established for the sole or almost exclusive purpose to advance the candidacy of a person for public office can not be hold meetings on campus, nor can an individual or College employee hold such meetings. The Ford Institute, College Republicans, College Democrats, or other similar recognized academic entities or clubs and organizations could sponsor events at which candidates for public office can speak.


Persons suspected of organizing unauthorized solicitations should be reported to the Human Resources Office.

Any unauthorized solicitations that are discovered in the College mail will be destroyed. Unauthorized e-mail or voice mail solicitations will be investigated individually.

Revised 9/03 – Cabinet approved