Position Vacancies


All employees


Albion College subscribes to the objectives of Title VII of the Civil Rights act of 1964 and the pursuant amendments thereto, and the Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act of 1976. All recruiting, hiring and subsequent assignments shall be determined without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, sex, age or handicap.

The College will endeavor to first offer employment and/or promotional opportunities to present employees of the College, where qualified applicants exist.

It is the responsibility of the Human Resources Office to participate, where applicable, in the recruiting, interviewing and selection process to ensure that the best qualified candidate is hired for the position. The Human Resources Office should be notified before an offer is made.


In order to communicate such vacancies, appropriate bulletin board locations on campus have been established where notice will be given for such available positions. Notices of job postings and job advertisements are sent to:

  1. Dining & Hospitality Services posts three notices; upper Baldwin main hallway, lower Baldwin kitchen and at the Kellogg Center Eat Shop.
  2. Facilities Operations posts two notices; Facilities time clock and at the Grounds building.
  3. Institutional Advancement
  4. Library
  5. Career and Internship Center
  6. Dow Center
  7. Kellogg Center
  8. Administration Building/Human Resources Office
  9. For positions represented by the MEA, a copy is also sent to the ACESPA president.

Where possible, openings will be circulated within the College by the Human Resources Office for one week prior to outside advertising. As needs may vary, the appropriate procedure and date for making application will be included in the posted position opening.

For non-union, promotional situations, if a current employee in the department has the necessary qualifications to fill the position, it will not be necessary to first post the opening prior to making such a promotional move. The College recognizes that current employees, through their association with the College, have gained special knowledge and experience which adds to their qualifications.

If no qualified applicants are located through these means, advertisements will be placed, by the Human Resources Office, in the appropriate sources for applicants, i.e. newspapers, periodicals, other publications, colleges, organizations, etc. Supervisors are encouraged to submit the names of sources to which they would like the vacancy submitted.

Revised 7/97 – Cabinet approved