Retirement Program – TIAA Retirement Annuity


Full-time faculty and salaried administrative employees.


All full time faculty and administrative employees become eligible for and are required to participate in the Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association /College Retirement Equities Fund (TIAA/CREF) retirement program the first day of the month following two years of employment. Faculty or administrative employees who, upon hire, have already satisfied the two year wait period at another 403(b) eligible institution, will be immediately eligible for participation in the College’s retirement program. Contributions under this retirement plan will be made on a monthly basis and deposited to the employee’s TIAA/CREF Retirement Annuity in accordance with the following schedule:

Contributions as a Percent of Regular Salary/Wages

Full-time Faculty and AdministratorsBy the ParticipantBy the College
On salary up to $15,7006.0%6.3%
On salary above $15,7006.0%12.0%
*Eligible Part-time Faculty and Administrators1.0%6.0%
*refer to summary plan Document for details

Please refer to the Summary Plan Document for complete plan details.


After completing two years of employment, an employee is contacted by the Human Resources Office to enroll in the retirement program. (Eligibility start date is the first of a month following two years of employment.) The employee is required to complete the forms necessary for enrollment, including the naming of a beneficiary and allocation of premiums to TIAA (fixed annuity) or CREF (variable annuity).

Further information is available through the Human Resources Office or by contacting TIAA/CREF directly using the 800 phone number on your TIAA/CREF statement.

TIAA/CREF Contact Information:

4660 S. Hagadoen Road Suite 130
East Lansing, Michigan 48823

Customer Services: 866-842-2825

Web Page

TIAA-CREF Automated Telephone Service: 1 800 842-2252

  • Use touch-tone entry to change your allocation or transfer funds, get accumulation balances and last premium credited, and/or hear prerecorded information on CREF account performance and TIAA interest and dividend rates.
  • Available 24 hours a day.

Speak with an individual consultant about your TIAA-CREF retirement plan or tax-deferred annuity.

Advisor Services:  1 888 842-0318

Administrative Council reviewed 10/2011