Retirement Program – TIAA Retirement Annuity


Full-time faculty and salaried administrative employees.


As of 1/1/2024 full-time faculty and salaried administrative employees, will be immediately eligible for participation in the College’s retirement program. Employer contributions under this retirement plan will be made on a monthly basis and deposited to the employee’s TIAA/CREF Retirement Account in accordance with the following schedule:

Employer Contributions as a Percent of Base Salary = 6%

Employee Contributions are voluntary

Please refer to the Retirement Program benefits page for more information and the  Summary Plan Document for complete plan details.


Further information is available through the Human Resources Office or by contacting TIAA/CREF directly using the 800 phone number on your TIAA/CREF statement.

TIAA/CREF Contact Information:

Web Page

TIAA-CREF Automated Telephone Service: 1 800 842-2252

  • Use touch-tone entry to change your allocation or transfer funds, get accumulation balances and last premium credited, and/or hear prerecorded information on CREF account performance and TIAA interest and dividend rates.
  • Available 24 hours a day.

Speak with an individual consultant about your TIAA-CREF retirement plan or tax-deferred annuity.

Micah White, Financial Consultant | TIAA Retirement Advice and Counseling

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Toll Free: (734) 332-3513


Modification date 1/1/2024