Position Changes


All staff employees.


The creation or modification of positions will be monitored by the Human Resources office to ensure that staffing needs are met campus wide and that positions are consistent and complementary.

A position description must be approved by the Human Resources Director and the appropriate cabinet officer before a position vacancy may be advertised.

Changes in an existing position that affect the organization or the budget must be approved by the Vice President for Finance and Management and the Human Resources Director.

The creation of new or additional regular positions within a department must be approved by the President.


When a new position is being considered or an existing position becomes vacant, the department administrator should always give consideration to redefining the other positions in the department for overall efficiency.

The administrator must then meet with the appropriate cabinet officer to discuss the addition of or changes to the proposed positions.

The administrator must also contact Human Resources to develop or modify the necessary position descriptions.

Once approval has been given for the addition of or changes to a position, Human Resources will make the necessary changes to the organization chart and other records and notify the Vice President for Finance and Management.

Cabinet reviewed 7/97