Limited Operations Policy

Policy Area: Human Resources

Policy Title: Limited Operations Policy

Effective Date: July 1, 2022

Submitted By: Human Resources

Approved By: President’s Cabinet, February 2022

Policy Owner: Human Resources


Albion College strives to deliver a competitive and progressive benefits package to employees including generous leave policies. This policy ensures employees have the time to take care of their non-work selves, destress, maintain their health/wellness, and connect with those they care about. Scheduled limited operations days will promote a healthy work-life balance and allow the College to benefit from decreased utility costs.

Policy Statement:

The College Offices will shift to limited operations for a period surrounding the year end holidays, specific dates to be determined on an annual basis. This will provide an extended break for most employees. The non-work/non-holiday days during this period will be paid “gift days” for benefit-eligible employees for those employees who would have otherwise been expected to work.


Employees will be notified of the winter break limited operations schedule by September 15 annually, so that all employees can plan accordingly. The College may designate additional limited operations days during the year. Employees receive regular pay for designated limited operations days if they are not required to work.

The Cabinet Leader will work with their respective departments to encourage supervisors to make every effort to limit the staffing in their departments, where possible, while developing plans to ensure essential operations are responsive to College constituents. 

Some employees may be required to work to maintain essential operations on the  limited operation days. You will be notified by your supervisor if you are required to work. Please work with your supervisor to schedule alternative time off.

Primary Impact On:

Full-time benefit-eligible administrative and hourly employees who otherwise would be scheduled to work.