Mobile Phone Usage Policy

Purpose and Scope

Albion College provides cellular telephones to designated employees in support of the operational and educational mission of the college. Employees may use these cell phones to conduct Albion College business in accordance with Albion College Policies. The college has chosen a campus-wide cell phone service plan to reduce monthly costs and provide enhanced services.
Division Vice Presidents must make a determination of the need for cell phones for their departments. Vice Presidents or their designees are responsible for educating their staff about appropriate cellular telephone procedures, monitoring their usage and conducting an annual review of cellular telephone use. In emergency situations, Vice Presidents may grant exceptions to the cell phone usage policies as necessary.

Eligibility and Approval

Cell phone assignments should be considered for employees who require business-related telephone communication outside of the office or outside regular hours and/or, moderate to frequent travel. Assignments can be made to individuals or departments for phones to be shared collectively.
All costs associated with mobile telephones will be the responsibility of the division making the request. Requests for cell phones should be submitted by the appropriate Vice President to the Director of Facilities Operations and to the Accounting Manager and should include the staff member name, department and Banner account number to be charged.
The college contract provides a standardized service plan, cell phone and telephone accessories that will serve the needs of most employees. An employee wishing to have features other than those offered in the available program should direct their request to their Department Supervisor. All requests must be approved by the appropriate Vice President and forwarded to the Director of Facilities Operations for processing. Approved additional features or accessories with added cost will be charged to the appropriate departmental Banner account. Non-approved items may still be available at cost to the staff member.

Personal Use

Use of a college-owned mobile telephone is intended for official college business when a local or campus phone is not available. The college recognizes, however, that personal calls are occasionally necessary. Employees must realize that although personal calls made within the calling area and under the usage limits provided by the employee’s plan do not result in additional charges, they do count toward the overall time limits established under the service agreement.
Staff members should track all personal calls and are responsible for reimbursing the college when personal calls cause the plan threshold to be exceeded. Monthly cell phone bills exceeding the calling plan will be sent to each employee by Accounts Payable for justification or personal payment of non-Albion College business related calls. Personal calls must be reimbursed in the amount over the threshold.

Damage, Loss or Abuse

The cell phone provided is college property and it is the responsibility of the staff member to keep it in working condition. If a phone becomes damaged, it should be brought to Facilities Operations who will contact the vendor for replacement or repair. Lost or stolen cell phone should be immediately reported to the employee’s supervisor, to Campus Safety and to Facilities Operations so that the phone service can be cancelled. All business-related costs incurred for replacement or repair will be the responsibility of the employee’s department, however, staff members are responsible for repair costs due to abuse or neglect as determined by their supervisor.
Violations of this campus cell phone policy may result in the revoking of phone and disciplinary action. The College reserves the right to limit or terminate cell phone privileges in the best interest of the college with the approval of the appropriate Vice President.

Employee Separation

The Vice President or their designee is responsible for notifying the Director of Facilities and Operations upon receiving notice that a staff member with a college-owned cell phone service will be leaving the College. On the last day of work, the college-owned cell phone and accessories will be collected and either returned to the Facilities Operations for future distribution to new/replacement staff members, or retained for reallocation within the department. Updated information regarding staff assignments must be provided to the Director of Facilities Operations and the Accounting Manager.

Vehicle Use

Check the laws and regulations on the use of wireless telephones and their accessories in the areas where you drive. Always obey them. The use of these devises may be prohibited or restricted in certain areas of the United States. It is the policy of the College that wireless telephones used by faculty, staff and students be used in the safest possible way when operating a vehicle.

Albion College reserves the right to amend or otherwise revise this document as necessary. Staff members are responsible for reviewing this Policy periodically to ensure continued compliance.

Administrative Council Approved 09/2003