Position Descriptions


All staff employees


Each supervisor will be responsible for the creation and maintenance of position descriptions for all regular administrative positions under their supervision.

Position descriptions will follow the format established by Human Resources and must have the involvement of employees in the position and their supervisor when created or modified.

It is the intent of the College that a position description will be an active document that is used for many purposes including:

  1. Justifying the creation of new positions and the restructuring of current positions.
  2. Informing applicants and new employees of the expectations for the position.
  3. Determining if an employee’s performance is meeting the standards established by the position description.
  4. Documenting where deficiencies exist in cases of discipline or termination.
  5. Providing Human Resources with detailed information on the duties performed by each position and the level of responsibility.


All current position descriptions will be maintained in the Human Resources office and Human Resources must be notified of all modifications to positions.

The department may request a copy of the position description from Human Resources at any time, make modifications on the form, and return it to Human Resources to be updated.

All position descriptions will be dated and sent to the appropriate employee and supervisor at least once per year for review and possible modification.

A copy of the appropriate position description will be given to each employee, supervisor and will be placed in the employee’s personnel record.

Cabinet reviewed 7/97