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Beginning 1/1/2024 Albion College will be offering 2 new medical insurance plans.

ASR will be the third party administrator (TPA).

Full-time salaried employees may choose between ASR’s PPO plan or High Deductible Plan. The College pays the single subscriber premium for the High Deductible Plan. The College will contribute up to 35% of the dependent premium and you pay the remainder to insure any dependents.

  • The PPO plan has a $1000/single, $2000/family, annual deductible with a 80%/20% co-insurance split of the approved amount for in-network providers or 60%/40% of the approved amounts for out of network.
  • The High Deductible plan (HDHP) has a $2000/single, $4000/family annual deductible with an 80%/20% co-insurance split of the approved amount for in-network providers or 60%/40% for out of network


Consumerism Tools

You can reduce your family’s health care costs and help control costs for the College by using the provided consumerism tools.

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The Albion College Employee Benefit Plan (Plan) maintains a Notice of Privacy Practices that provides information to individuals whose protected health information (PHI) will be used or maintained by the Plan. If you would like a copy of the Plan’s Notice of Privacy Practices, please contact the Human Resources Office.


Medical Networks

In Michigan – HAP or Multiplan (typically for Mental Health Providers and Chiropractors)

Outside Michigan and International – Aetna National PPO Network


Coming soon 1/1/2024 – HealthJoy App

Plan Year 2024 Health Plan Design

Plan year 2024 Premiums


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