Social Security Number Privacy Policy


This policy applies to all full-time, part-time and/or temporary faculty, administrative and association employees.


The College recognizes that it collects and maintains confidential information relating to its students, employees, and individuals associated with the College and is dedicated to ensuring the privacy and proper handling of this information.

Use of Employee Social Security numbers:

The Albion College is required by federal law to report income along with Social Security numbers (SSNs) for all employees to whom compensation is paid. Employee SSNs are maintained and used by the College for payroll, reporting and benefits purposes and are reported to federal and state agencies in formats required by law or for benefits purposes. The College will not disclose an employee’s SSN without the consent of the employee to anyone outside the College except as mandated by law or required for benefit purposes.

Use of Student Social Security numbers:

For students furnishing a Social Security number (SSN) is voluntary and not required for enrollment. However, the College is required by federal law to report to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) the name, address and SSN for persons from whom tuition and related expenses are received. SSNs are required to be collected and reported to the Department of Education if/when a student applies for federal student aid, Michigan grants and other state-based aid. Federal law also requires the College to obtain and report to the IRS the SSN for any person to whom compensation is paid. Failure to provide such information may delay or even prevent your enrollment. The College will not disclose a SSN for any purpose not required by law without the consent of the student.


All records containing Social Security numbers, whether on or file-line, in electronic or physical format, are considered confidential information and will be maintained appropriately. Access to records containing Social Security numbers shall be limited and secure. The Social Security number will be used as allowed by state and federal laws.

Paper and electronic documents containing Social Security numbers will be disposed of in a secure fashion by shredding the paper documents containing Social Security numbers and will be electronically transmitted only through encrypted mechanisms.

Each department Vice President and/or Director is responsible for monitoring compliance with this policy.

An employee or student who has substantially breached the confidentiality of Social Security numbers may be subject to disciplinary action or sanctions up to and including discharge or dismissal.

Admin Council approved 11-21-05