All regular staff employees – excluding temporary/seasonal staff.


For purposes of this policy, “near relative” includes an employee’s mother, father, spouse, brother, sister, child, in-law, uncle, aunt, niece, nephew or cousin. “Immediate family” includes an employee’s mother, father, spouse or child.

Members of the immediate family of a current employee may be hired but should be placed in a different department, position and/or shift.

Under no circumstances will a near relative of a current employee be hired for a position that would result in that person and the current employee having a supervisor/employee relationship.

No regular staff employee will be transferred to a different department, position and/or shift if it would result in near relatives having a supervisor/employee relationship.

Those employment situations that existed prior to December 3, 1986, shall be grandfathered under the policy.


If two employees should become related after they are employed and there is a supervisor/employee relationship between them, that employment relationship will be changed by a transfer at the College’s discretion, within thirty (30) days, to a different department, position, shift or by the termination of one employee’s employment. The time period may be extended by the College or upon acceptance by the College of a detailed written request for an extension.

An employee who is terminated for reasons stated in this policy may be placed on a preferential hiring list for a period of six (6) months to be considered for appropriate available positions.

In the event that a family member (“immediate family “or “near relative”) is hired in the same department or same division there should be prior disclosure to the division head for authorization/approval and notification sent to the Human Resources Office. This includes when hiring temporary/seasonal staff.

Revised 10/2008 – Cabinet approved