Travel Reimbursement


All faculty and staff.


The College will reimburse an employee for necessary travel expenses incurred while on approved College-related business including overnight lodging, meals and local transportation costs. An employee shall use good judgement and discretion when incurring such expenses.

Employees who use their personal automobiles on approved College-related business will be reimbursed on a cents-per-mile basis as designated by the Business Affairs office for travel expenses incurred or the current market price for coach air transportation for such trip, where applicable, whichever is less.

With the approval of the employee’s supervisor, an advance for travel can be arranged through the Accounting office.


To be reimbursed for expenses, the employee must obtain and complete an “Expense Report” form (available from your department supervisor or from Campus Services), have it signed by the employee’s supervisor and submit it, together with the proper receipts, to the Accounting office.

A travel advance is obtained by requesting funds, on a “Direct Payment Voucher,” from the Accounting office. After the trip, and within thirty (30) days, receipts must be submitted to the Accounting office with an “Expense Report” form. The employee must refund any extra money advanced or will subsequently receive reimbursement for additional expenses over the amount of the advance.

Fines incurred for traffic or parking violations are the responsibility of the employee.

The College reserves the right to determine the amount of reimbursement where expense items are extravagant or questionable in nature.

Cabinet reviewed 7/97