Surplus Goods


All faculty and staff.


All items purchased with College funds or donated to the College are the property of the College. Departments are responsible for the care and safekeeping of all items assigned to them. Surplus goods are defined as items which are no longer needed in a department, fail to meet current standards as defined by the Vice President for Finance and Management, are depreciated beyond economic repair or have no known use on campus within the next twelve-month period as determined by the Associate Director of Facilities Operations for Purchasing (ADFOP). College purchased vehicles are not covered under this policy.


A department which no longer has use for an item should submit a work order request to the Facilities Operations department to have the item removed.

The ADFOP will then review approved departmental requests for items. If a match is found, the item will be delivered to the requesting department. If no match is found the item will be placed in storage or disposed of at the discretion of the ADFOP.

A list of items in surplus storage will be published every six (6) months and distributed to department heads. Department heads should request items from the list through the appropriate cabinet officer. Requests will be reviewed by the ADFOP to determine if the item complements the decor of the department. Upon receipt of an approved request Campus Services will deliver the item to the requesting department. Requests will be honored in the order received by the Facilities Operations department.

An annual sale will be conducted of items that have been in storage for two (2) years. The ADFOP shall submit a list of sale items to the Vice President for Finance and Management for approval. A list of items approved for sale will be distributed to department heads for posting prior to the sale. Prices for items available for sale will be determined by the ADFOP.

Items will first be sold at a campus-wide sale. Items not purchased during the campus-wide sale will be made available for sale to the general public. Individuals will be required to pay for purchased items before the item will be released by the Facilities Operations department. Items must be claimed within 24 hours of the sale unless other arrangements have been made with the ADFOP.

Items which are broken beyond repair or otherwise unsalable, and those items which have not been sold, will be disposed of at the discretion of the ADFOP.

Items available for sale may be donated to qualifying nonprofit organizations at the discretion of the Vice President for Finance and Management.

Exceptions to these provisions, if any, shall be authorized by the Vice President for Finance and Management.

Cabinet reviewed 7/97