Our Communities

As a four-year residential college, Albion affirms the educational benefits inherent in the residential aspect of the undergraduate experience. Students at Albion College live in College Housing for the entirety of their student experience. With this foundation, we aim to provide a variety in our residential program so that students can integrate their living and learning opportunities.

First-Year Cohort

Traditional first-year students begin in our First-Year Cohort housing options at Wesley Hall or Seaton Hall. These buildings have historically been the location of first-year housing and continue to provide a gateway to the Albion experience. Both halls sustain unique Themed Housing options for first-year students, and are supported by professional staff and peer leaders that live in the building to help build community, advise, and care for our students.

Upper Class Communities

As students learn more about themselves and how to be successful at Albion College, they may discover they want more distinct styles of living, more intentional alignment of their housing experience and their academic or service interests, or greater independence. Transfer students generally join one of our Upper Class Communities in their first semester at Albion.

Whether through joining a Themed Housing environment, choosing to live with friends in more social and communal halls, or seeking to practice independence in apartment living, every student can pursue an environment that suits their goals and interests.

Gender Inclusive Housing (GIH)

In order to better meet the needs of a diverse student body and provide living environments that support all students in their academic and personal success, Community Living offers gender inclusive student housing. While not limited to any specific population of students, it is our intention to offer a more welcoming and inclusive environment for our transgender, gender fluid and gender non-conforming students.

Visit the GIH webpage for more information. Upper class students seeking a more additive experience may also be interested in the Queer Connections – LGBTQI Themed Community.

Room Selection

New students complete a Housing Request Form that outlines their preferences for living style and roommates. Community Living will use this information to pair roommates together and assign in our First-Year Cohort Communities. Transfer students may pursue a variety of options throughout our Upper Class Communities, according to space availability.

Each Spring semester, Community Living helps returning students navigate their community expectations and plans for the following year. Throughout several different application phases, students are able to select the living option that best suits their lifestyle patterns and goals.

Visit our Room Selection Process (RSP) website for more information about 2024-2025 housing applications and how you can determine where you will live next year. 

Building Information

Visit our building information directory for a full list of our communities.