eRezLife at Albion College

The Office of Community Living uses eRezLife to manage most processes including Room Selection Process, petition forms, Community Assistant (CA) staff selection, Room Condition Reporting, and crisis management protocol. eRezLife will streamline and centralize many department functions, with students invited to engage these processes with more robust assessment, communication, and connectivity in the upcoming several months.

Current processes released in eRezLife:

  • Community Assistant (CA) staff forms and job applications (learn more here)
  • Room Selection Process (RSP) materials (learn more here)
    • New Student Housing Form
    • Returning Student Housing Form
    • Roommate Profile and Roommate Group Formation
  • Exemption and accommodation forms (learn more here)
    • Housing Accommodations Petition Form
    • Housing Exemption Request Form
    • Emotional Support Animal (ESA) Request Form
  • I-Space community application form (every semester)
  • Room Condition Reporting (RCR)
  • Various Student Surveys and Assessments

Students are able to log in to eRezLife using our single sign-on (SSO) portal with username and password.

Click here to log in to eRezLife!