Planning, Support & Amenities

Planning Ahead

The best place to begin when preparing for travel to and from campus for breaks is the Albion College Academic Calendar.

Students can remain in College housing, though classes are not in session, during Fall Break, Thanksgiving Break, and Spring Break. Campus services, including Dining, are limited during Thanksgiving and Spring Break.

At the end of the academic year, students must check out of their room/space within 24 hours after their last scheduled exam, and no later than the residence hall closing time. For the 2022-2023 Academic Year, residence halls close for Summer Break at 9:00 pm, April 26, and 8:00 pm, April 29 for graduating seniors.

Your Spring 2023 semester final exam schedule is now available!

Move-In Day

Each August and January, Community Living coordinates the student check-in and move-in processes. Staff are located throughout the buildings, and closely work with Campus Safety (parking), Client Services and IT (student IDs, connectivity), and the Facilities Operations teams (maintenance and custodial needs), among others.

On Move-In Day, students can expect the opportunity to connect with several important student offices, such as Financial Aid, Accounting, Campus Safety (parking), and the Registrar. While there is some paperwork to complete at a central Check-In location, we aim for the “business” of Move-In Day to be completed quickly and seamlessly, allowing you to focus on getting settled in your room and prepared for classes. Once you’ve completed your official Check-In and have arrived at your building, there will be staff to greet you and flatbed carts available for larger items. Community Assistants will hold floor meetings and help new community members get to know each other, while distributing information about living together and important resources on campus.

Detailed information about the check-in process and move-in day is usually shared two months prior to the scheduled check-in date(s).

New Student? Not Sure How To Prepare?

What to Bring and Not to Bring

Your Move-In Checklist

Community Living offers a variety of tools, teammates and support systems to help you reach your goals. Community Assistants (CAs) live alongside students and provide guidance, social activities and educational support. Our Community Assistants (CAs) are upperclass peer leaders who have demonstrated an interest and commitment to making the residential experience a remarkable one. They live alongside students and provide guidance, social activities and educational support. Designated professional staff work directly with each building and are great referral sources to the various support services on campus.

Our residence hall rooms are considered “double rooms,” and include a bed, desk, desk chair, dresser space, and closet/wardrobe space for each resident of the room. Each room has wireless internet. All mattresses are 80″ long and 36″ wide (many retail stores consider these to be “extra long twin”). Lofts are prohibited in all residence halls. Both Wesley and Seaton Hall beds are bunkable.

Basic kitchenware is at front desks for use in the kitchenettes. Laundry is free and washers and dryers are available in each residence hall. We do ask, however, that students are courteous and responsible with all building appliances and equipment.

We encourage you to contact your roommate prior to your arrival, and to discuss who will bring the shared items you and your roommate want in the room so you do not bring duplicates. Making contact with your roommate before arriving on campus makes for a smooth transition to college life.

Download our What to Bring/Not Bring List (.pdf) COMING SOON

Provided to all new students at check-in, our Move-In Checklist summarizes critical information in a quick and easy format. The checklist helps students practice independence and is a roadmap for early success at Albion College.

Download the Move-In Check List 2023 (.pdf)

Move-Out Process

At the end of the academic year, every student must check-out with Community Living and depart campus. Students in staff residence halls should connect with their Area Coordinator or Community Assistant, and students in fraternity buildings, ILCs, or apartments are welcome to complete the “express” check-out form available at Campus Safety.

Students not planning to continue their enrollment must return their student ID card, their KC mailbox key, and any metal door keys. This includes graduating students.

After students move-out of a room, Community Living staff will visit the space and document any damages and assess costs for repair. Students may be charged for damages and/or evidence of negligence in their assignment. If an individual student is not responsible for damages in shared common areas, the cost for repair will be evenly distributed amongst residents in the community.

Residential Amenities and Support Programs

Our staff and campus partners facilitate a variety of amenities and support programs for students at Albion College, including transportation services, free laundry, bike storage, and summer storage. Each hall is staffed with peers and full-time professionals to help with additional support.

Check out our selection of amenities, programs, and other helpful information

Exemptions and Accommodations

Information about housing exemptions and accommodations is a part of Room Selection. Community Living and Accessibility Services staff are available to meet and discuss your needs.