Themed Housing Communities

Theme Communities offer students the opportunity to live and learn together within college Residence Halls. Each Theme Community brings students with similar interests and passions together around a common idea, identity, or shared interest, which adds another layer of connection, support, and a sense of belonging for residents. Community Living partners with a number of academic and co-curricular departments and organizations across campus to support these communities.

If you are interested in living in one of these communities, please select the preferred option in the Suite- and Community-Style Housing Application.

Our Themed Communities

Gender Inclusive Housing (GIH) Communities

In order to better meet the needs of a diverse student body and provide living environments that support all students in their academic and personal success, Community Living offers gender inclusive housing. While not limited to any specific population of students, it is our intention to offer a more welcoming and inclusive environment for our transgender, gender fluid, and gender non-conforming students.

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Queer Connection - LGBTQI Theme Community

This community is co-located with students living in gender-inclusive housing. Students in this community are interested in an additive experience, where they can live, learn and grow together through education, peer-led programming, community outreach, and transformative dialogue. In addition, students will be invited to learn more about service and social justice through connecting with community organizations and participating or planning programming in partnership with the Center for Gender Equity, LGBrITs, and other student organizations. Allyship is an important value for many Albion students. However, this community is intended to provide space for students whose sexual orientation and/or gender identity is not part of a dominant population or has been historically underrepresented.

Women's Only Communities

We offer Women’s Only Communities to all students who identify as Women. Historically, Women’s only housing has been requested by students based on preferences related to a faith tradition, personal comfort or safety, or simply because they’re curious about the living and learning in a women’s only environment. You do not need a reason to live in the Women’s Only community, but it is important to recognize that some of your neighbors will have chosen it to support core identities or needs, so we encourage everyone to demonstrate an extra sense of respect and commitment to open communication.

Albion offers women’s only housing in first year-residence halls and upper class residences.  Those halls or buildings will only have students who identify as women  assigned to live in them, yet residents are welcome to host guests of any gender at any time.  Please note, staff of any gender may be working in the residence to clean, repair, maintain, ensure security, or support the community. The location of Women’s Only Housing may change based on the need/requests in a given year but currently these communities are located in Wesley, Seaton, and Ingham Hall.

Substance Free Communities

The purpose of the substance-free community is to support students who do not want alcohol or other drugs to impact their living experience on campus. Our substance-free communities exist in order to provide students with a comfortable, safe, living environment free from the pressures associated with alcohol and other drugs. Students who are in substance-abuse recovery programs are encouraged to apply. In the first year, the Substance Free community is located in Wesley or Seaton Hall.

Students living within this community commit to a set of shared agreements: 

  • Not to physically bring drugs and/or alcohol into this community
  • Not to enter this community under the influence of drugs and or alcohol
  • Not bring guests into this area who are under the effects of drugs and/or alcohol
  • If students who live in this community are found to violate any of these conditions, they may be asked to move out of the community.

Honors Community

The Albion College Honors Program accepts students with a voracious curiosity, strong work ethic, and passion for learning. The Honors theme community gives Honors students a chance to live near others in the program primarily in their first and second years who will support and challenge each other and develop a core community dedicated to exploring what it means to live and learn at a liberal arts college.

In partnership with the Honors Program staff and faculty, students living in this community can expect to participate in community service activities and opportunities that will prepare them to make the most of their Albion experience. Programs may include workshops to consider future Honors Thesis topics, Final Exam study hours, FURSCA grant writing workshops, or speakers on relevant topics. Housed in Seaton Hall for first- and second-year students.

Seaton Hall will host the Honors Program, creating a unique multi-cohort living experience. One of the many benefits of this community is the shared bathroom facilities and central lounges, which foster a sense of community and social interaction among residents. Seaton is centrally located on campus, which will give students easier access to classes and resources they need in their time at Albion. First-year Honors students will live on the first floor, while returning Honors students will live on the ground floor. This layout allows for a natural mentorship opportunity, with returning students able to provide guidance and support to their first-year peers. This enhances the Honors Program experience and helps to build a strong sense of camaraderie among residents who share a strong academic focus.

Quiet Study Communities

The Quiet Study communities are designed for students that prefer or who will benefit from a quieter and less distracting environment where they will live and study. The Quiet Study community is a specialty community and requires students to apply to the community in order to live on the floors, and intended to allow residents to prioritize academics. Many students who choose to apply know that using their personal space as the primary environment to study and do homework is more conducive to their success instead of shared lounges, libraries, etc.

Students who have sensory sensitivities related to noise, distraction, or other environmental stimuli will often apply to live on Quiet Study floors. Students in these communities will work with their Community Assistant during the first week of the semester to develop and agree on shared expectations, and meet with a variety of staff on campus to help support their academic success.