Upper Class Student Housing

While the First-Year Cohort Community helps build social and support connections throughout campus, our Upper Class Housing options encourage greater self-selection and pursuit of goals and interests. Programming in Upper Class Housing shifts towards more future-oriented and independent skills, such as budget management, research, community development and leadership, or life skills.

There are several pathways to starting the Briton journey, and Transfer Students are supported uniquely based on their deposit date. Transfer Students are not housed in the First-Year Cohort, but are instead considered according to the experience they seek and as space permits. Generally, transfer students are assigned to live in one of our Upper Class Student Residence Halls, described below.

Residence Halls

Many students choose to live in one of our Upper Class Student Residence Halls. Offering both suite-style and community-style environments, Seaton Hall, Whitehouse Hall, and Mitchell Towers create the core of the student housing experience. These buildings are located near dining facilities, and each is well-staffed, connected to support systems, and offers free laundry, a central kitchen, and a variety of recreation, lounge and study areas.

Seaton Hall, a traditional residence hall with community bathrooms, also hosts our Honors Community and a component of the first-year cohort. This creates a unique culture and environment for students focused on academic success. Students apply to live in Seaton Hall in groups of two.

Whitehouse Hall and Mitchell Towers are both suite-style buildings, with a semi-private bathroom shared by every two rooms. In our suite-style spaces, students learn to take care of shared spaces and develop their own social communities. Gender Inclusive Housing is available in Whitehouse Hall and Mitchell Towers. Students must select as a group of 4.

Themed Housing

Students pursuing more distinct living opportunities may be interested in a Themed Housing Community. These special interest communities are located across several of our small houses and halls. Working closely with partner programs and organizations, Themed Communities provide unique flavor to students’ residential experiences, and can help align similar interests, identities, and needs in College housing.

Apartment Living

Students with junior- and senior-standing are welcome to apply for an apartment in College housing as well, if interested in developing greater independence and preparing for life after Albion. There are many options for apartment living at Albion, with buildings located throughout campus. Students residing in apartments are exempt from the meal plan requirement.

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