Community Assistants (CAs)

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The Experience

Taking on the role of Community Assistant (CA) is the most unique student leadership opportunity that Albion College has to offer. CAs live with their peers in their hall communities while serving a multi-faceted role as peer mentors and bridge-builders. Our CA staff brings students together in their building communities, and connects them with the resources they need to succeed. The CA experience develops strong leaders, organizers, and advocates for the campus community, as well as for whatever comes after.

The Team

Community Assistants (CAs) are a dedicated group of students committed to helping facilitate successful and enriching experiences inside and outside of the classroom for their peers. Our CAs have come from all over the United States and beyond, bringing their unique perspectives and personalities to the role and the team. In addition to their duties, CAs often participate in or lead organizations and athletics across campus, providing crucial links for other students looking to get more involved. We look to our CAs as role models for their peers, and ambassadors of the Albion College student experience.