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Calendar of Religious Holidays and Observances

Find a detailed calendar of religious holidays, observances, and other relevant dates here.

Contact the assistant director for spiritual wellness at for guidance about religious holidays that are most observed on Albion’s campus.

Albion College Spiritual Life Guidebook - Communities and Education

Since 2003, the Assistant Director for Spiritual Wellness – Office of Integrated Wellness (OIW) has offered the Albion College community a comprehensive directory of area religious, spiritual, and philosophical communities. View the 2022-2023 directory here. Some of these communities offer mentorship opportunities.

The Assistant Director for Spiritual Wellness maintains strong relations with most religious, spiritual, and philosophical communities in the area and in the region. These include Baha’i, Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Islam, Jain, Jewish, Native American, Pagan, Quaker, Sikh, Spiritual/Not Religious, and Unitarian-Universalist friends, as well as non-religious philosophical communities. Most of these affiliations are included in the Albion College Spiritual Life Guidebook.

Albion College Spiritual Reading List

Contact the assistant director for spiritual wellness for access to a curated list of spiritual and religious books, articles, and other resources available for free through the college library or online.

Interfaith Ambassadors Program

We are piloting a new program called Interfaith Ambassadors to promote religious and spiritual belonging on campus. Email for information about the next cohort. More details coming soon!

Spiritual Practice Explorers' Guide

A spiritual practices index with a variety of practices and guiding questions for explorers created by the assistant director for spiritual wellness is available here. This guide provides an overview of practices as well as guiding questions and info about concerns, such as cultural appropriation, that may come up for people seeking spiritual practices.

Book studies, prayer, and discussion groups are available. Contact the assistant director for spiritual wellness for more information.

Climate Change and Eco-Spirituality Resources

Email the assistant director for spiritual wellness at to join our next climate change resilience support group and receive resources related to climate change and the connection between nature and spirituality. These resources include guides to spiritual practices for resilience in the face of climate change, simple rituals for connecting with nature, and opportunities for one-on-one counseling.

"The Spiritual Playground" Virtual World in Topia

Explore religions and spiritual life in a new way with this interactive virtual world, “The Spiritual Playground.” While some sections are still under construction, there’s already plenty to explore! Stroll the Playground on your own or with a small group video chat. Use the arrow keys to navigate, and click the objects to learn and try practices. Works best with Chrome browser.