Campus Worship and Meditation Spaces

Boyd Meditation Chapel

Boyd Meditation Chapel offers a quiet space for ABoyd Meditation Chapel lbion College personal and small group spiritual needs. Boyd is located on the south end of the Goodrich Chapel building, down the hall from the front entrance. All members of the Albion College community are welcome to use the room, and it can be easily set and reset to accommodate different religious and spiritual needs.

Spiritual items currently available for use in Boyd: Meditation cushions, singing bowl, Islamic prayer rugs, caps, scarves, beads, shoe rack, small tubs and water vessels for ablution, Shabbat candlesticks (use with permission), benches, metal cross, rosaries, and religious texts and hymn books from many faiths. Under specific circumstances, students may use candles and incense for ritual purposes in Boyd. To apply to use these items in Boyd, please read, fill out, and return this policy form.

The Boyd Meditation Chapel is available for “drop-in” use or by reservation to Storage cabinets are available for reservation by groups (contact to obtain a reservation form).

Goodrich Chapel

The outside of Goodrich Chapel, a brick building with white columns.Opened in 1957, Goodrich Chapel is the central location for large indoor ceremonial, musical, and celebratory events at Albion College. Individuals and groups that wish to use Goodrich Chapel can inquire at or

Whitehouse Nature Center

Students walking on a trail.For many individuals, spiritual development is deepened through connection with the natural world. The Whitehouse Nature Center offers a space to deepen this connection through walking trails, live animals, and intersectional nature conservation work. Birdwatch and listen to bird song, socialize with turtles and other critters in the Kalamazoo Room, and meditate or walk the trails.

Additionally, the visitor’s center has several spiritual items available to borrow, such as prayer and meditation supplies, contemplative nature-focused texts, and traditional sacred texts. It is easily accessible, next to the Athletic complex fields. For more information, visit the Whitehouse Nature Center website.

Umbrella House

Umbrella House has long been a place for students of all faiths to meet, hang out, and hold events (Ex: a Diwali celebration, Rosh Hashanah dinner, etc.). The Umbrella House basement also functions as a prayer space for Muslim students and supply storage for various student faith organizations. To request key card access to Umbrella House, email Umbrella House is located at 1107 East Cass Street.

Islamic Prayer Space in Vulgamore 214

A dedicated Islamic prayer space is available every day

Small office with two prayer rugs, shelves, and desk with rolling chair and computers, facing qibla.

Islamic prayer space in Vulgamore 214

from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. in Vulgamore 214. It is equipped with five prayer rugs, caps, abayah, scarves, Qur’an, and other shoe rack.