Student Organizations

A group of people in front of a banner that says, "Hillel."Albion College has a number of student organizations active in religious, spiritual, and philosophical life. All students are welcome in all organizations. The Office of Integrated Wellness actively supports the work and life of each organization, as well as bringing them together for Albion College Chapel. For more information on specific groups, ecumenical outreach, and interfaith initiatives, contact the Assistant Director for Spiritual Wellness (x0492).

For more information on student organizations in general, visit the Office of Campus Life website.


Albion College Hillel is a club for people in the Albion College community to celebrate Jewish life and culture. It gives Jewish students and faculty an opportunity to observe holiday traditions, explore Jewish community, and educate non-Jewish students about Judaism.

Muslim Student Association

Muslim Student Association is a support network for Muslims on Albion College’s campus. The MSA holds provides programs that teach about Islam and the Islamic culture. These range from special dinners to religious observances. The MSA has also helped us to establish prayer spaces in Boyd Chapel and Umbrella House.

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship is an interdenominational group whose purpose is to build student-led collegiate fellowships that are committed to evangelism, discipleship, engagement of the campus in all its diversity, and the world mission of the church in obedience to the gospel of Jesus Christ. The chapter is affiliated with the international IVCF, and participates in a number of conferences and training events. There are large group meetings, two weekly Bible studies, regular prayer meetings, and various social events. Everyone is welcome to participate in any activity.

Albion College Chapel (Chapel Brits)

Albion College Chapel (Chapel Brits) holds a nondenominational contemporary Christian service every week and other regular events, like worship nights and game nights.