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All students, faculty and staff of Albion College are issued an Albion College ID card.  These cards are created and managed by Help Desk. This card provides several important functions.

  • Identifies the user as a member of the Albion College community
  • Card-key access to doors
  • Dining privileges
  • Access to various activities in the Albion College community

Replacement cards are available at Help Desk (ground floor of the Ferguson Building) during normal business hours.  Damaged cards are replaced at no charge, lost or stolen cards may be subject to a $5.00 fee. If you need replacement after hours or on weekends, please visit the Campus Safety office.

One-Card function

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Albion College IT supports Google Meet as our audio and video conference system. Anyone can launch an audio and video conference using their Google account and have others join (whether or not they have a Google account). Use the links below to access various guides on how to use Google Meet on campus.

If additional support is needed, or one-on-one training is desired, email [email protected].

Create, Launch and Join Google Meetings Google Meet Features

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Albion College students, faculty, and staff can create a blog for college-related content, hosted on an Albion College server.

Campus Blogs

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Requesting Course Web Assistance

To request course web assistance, fill out the online Course Web Error Form. When filling out this form, it is essential to list the exact problem in as much detail as possible. Email [email protected] or call Help Desk at 517-629-0479 if more assistance is needed.

Course Web Request

All course webs created for each semester will be blank shells unless the professor requests a course web restore. These requests can be submitted using the online course web request. In addition to basic identification information, please be ready to list the Course Number, Title, and the last time the course web was updated. This information is important to finding the correct archive.

Course Web Dates

The Albion College course webs are created, restored, backed up, and archived on a specific schedule. View this schedule on our Course Web Dates page.

Course Web Training

At the start of each academic year, the office of Instructional Technology & Media Services will offer Moodle training. This training will vary depending on the year, but will likely include sessions on Moodle basics, intermediate-level skills, advanced skills, and the grade book. One-on-one training opportunities are also available for those who request it. To request a one-on-one session please email [email protected]. Please be as specific as possible about your current skill level so the trainers can properly prepare for the session.

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Albion College students, faculty, and staff can receive discounts when purchasing Dell or Apple devices. Use the links below to explore available discounts for Education accounts. If prompted, use an email account to receive the discount.

Dell EDU Discount Apple EDU Discount

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Information on college email, updating contacts, and available Google apps on campus.

Email and Google Apps

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ASAP Awareness

ASAP, the Albion Security Awareness Program is tasked with making Information Security Awareness training and resources available to all Albion College information users. The primary component of our Security Awareness Program is our required annual security awareness video training program. Additionally, we run occasional phishing awareness campaigns to assist our users in identifying phishing emails.

SANS Training Videos

About Phishing Attack Files Sharing and Legal Music Download Sites SANS Ouch! Newsletters

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The Albion College Innovation Lab is a space where students, faculty, and staff can creatively explore and learn. Stop by the lab to design and print 3D objects, try out a virtual reality experience, program a Lego robot, and use the space to work on create projects.

Learn more about the Innovation Lab

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Wireless and residential network information, VPN, and access to network resources from off-campus.

Network & Devices

Printing Toggle Accordion

Using MyQ for printing, setting up network printers, student print credit, and IT printing services (such as poster, photo and color printing on campus).

Printing Help

Telephones & Voicemail Toggle Accordion

Campus telephone and voicemail guides.

Telephone & Voicemail Guides

Training Toggle Accordion

Technology training for software use, classroom technology, or other tech-driven projects.

Personal And Online Training Opportunities

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