About Information Technology

Mission Statement

Service the Albion College Community by maintaining the core College functions with wise stewardship to allow for innovation.


Information Technology is divided into four areas: Help Desk, Enterprise Applications, Information Systems and Security, and Instructional Technology and Web Development


Help Desk Toggle Accordion

Help Desk provides technical support for all campus users, alumni, and guests, including:

  • New user information
  • Password and log in help
  • General hardware and software support for college-owned computers
  • Basic troubleshooting support for student computers
  • Albion 1Card support
  • Sign-out equipment
  • Staff and faculty telephone support
  • Service of all campus computers and network printers

Enterprise Applications Toggle Accordion

The Enterprise Applications area manages the college’s administrative software and Ellucian Banner, which includes:

  • Student academic information
  • Financial aid
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Institutional Advancement

Information Systems and Security Toggle Accordion

The Information Systems and Security department maintains the campus’ fiber optic network and high-speed internet access, including:

  • Wireless internet service
  • Cell and landline phones
  • Houses and maintains most of the campus’ servers. These servers provide network accounts that allow faculty, staff, and student’s access to email, file and web page storage, and other technology resources
  • Authorizations for access to campus resources
  • Software loads for all campus computers
  • Advanced hardware and software support for college-owned computers
  • Staff and faculty telephone support

Instructional Technology and Web Development Toggle Accordion

The Instructional Technology and Web Development department provides support for faculty, staff, and students in their use of technology to enhance teaching, learning, research, and presentation, including:

  • Effective use of technology for classroom activities and presentations in group and one-on-one settings
  • Technology and audiovisual consulting
  • Instructional design and development support
  • Technology training for individuals and groups
  • Course webs
  • Campus blogs
  • Classroom and conference room presentation systems.
  • 3D Printing services
  • Web functionality with various platforms, including Google and localized software
  • Manages the Albion College Innovation Lab