Apartment living is a great opportunity to learn how to live independently before graduating. In our apartments, you share space with a specific group of people that you select in a way that makes community living feel like a shared home. You learn how to cook with each other, set expectations around chore sharing, and can gain insight and share success with neighbors in the same apartment building. Students residing in apartment communities are exempt from the meal plan requirement.

Groups of students interested in living together in an apartment can apply during the Spring Room Selection Process and will be offered priority to choose their assignment based on the number of students in the group and average lottery number.

A quick summary of Apartment Communities is included below.

416 E. Erie Apartments Toggle Accordion

416 E. Erie Street Apartments are located in the building affectionately called “O-House.” A six-person (3-bedroom) apartment on the ground floor and an eight-person (4-bedroom) apartment on the upper level shared a common entryway with free laundry facilities, and an outdoor patio space. Each apartment is well-equipped with a full kitchen and large living and dining areas.

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507 E. Erie Apartment Toggle Accordion

507 E. Erie Street Apartment, or “Owl House,” is a 8-person (6 bedroom) apartment with two full bathrooms and open concept floor plan. The building includes four single-occupancy rooms and two two-person occupancy rooms. The apartment has a fully equipped kitchen and a large dining room table for community meals.

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Briton House Apartments Toggle Accordion

Briton House Apartments offer four-person apartments with full kitchens. Laundry facilities are located on each floor, with shared use between two apartments. Located in the Erie Street residential area and close to both the Serra Dow Fitness Center, Kresge Gymnasium, and the Campus Quad, Briton Apartments are often sought for their proximity to College amenities and classes. The building does not have an elevator–stairs are required to reach all six apartments.

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Burns Street Apartments Toggle Accordion

The Burns Street Apartments are one place junior and senior-level students look for more independent living on campus. Each two-student studio or one-bedroom, one-bathroom style apartment comes with a full kitchen, including a stove and full-sized refrigerator, and ample space for studying or relaxing. The Burns Street Apartments have also been the site of renovations, including floors and fixtures, modeling a vision for how student spaces will look in the coming years.

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Mae Karro Residential Village ("The Mae") Toggle Accordion

Our newest residential building, The Mae Karro Residential Village, or ‘The Mae,’ is located amongst Whitehouse Hall, Mitchell Towers, 1112 Porter, and the Fraternity Chapter Houses. With high ceilings and great natural light, The Mae apartments are always in demand and are considered the premium apartment-style option on campus. Each apartment is equipped with a full kitchen and living room furnishings, and a shared lounge and laundry room is located in Building 2. Apartments in the Mae are available in 4- and 6-person combinations.

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Munger Place Apartments Toggle Accordion

Munger Place Apartments are located in a historical Michigan Avenue building with two and four-person apartments on the second, third, and fourth floors of the building. Formerly the renowned Parker Inn, the building was most recently renovated in 2015 and provides a walkable location convenient to both downtown Albion businesses and the college campus. The building is accessible by elevator, with shared laundry facilities on the first floor.

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Munger House Toggle Accordion

Munger House is located across the parking lot from Munger Place Apartments. With all four double-occupancy rooms located on the same floor as the living areas, the 8-person apartment feels spacious and gives each resident plenty of room. A fully equipped kitchen and large living room and entryway helps students feel at home.

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