Gender Inclusive Housing

In order to better meet the needs of a diverse student body and provide living environments that support all students in their academic and personal success, the Office of Community Living offers the Gender Inclusive Housing (GIH) community. While not limited to any specific population of students, it is our intention to offer a more welcoming and inclusive environment for our transgender, gender fluid and gender non-conforming students.

Offering a gender inclusive housing option at Albion acknowledges the diverse needs of our student body and underscores the importance of a community where everyone can find space that best supports their sense of belonging. Gender inclusive housing helps further a residential climate that is positive, respectful, and inclusive for all residents. Living in gender inclusive housing is voluntary. The majority of College housing provides living arrangements designed around same-gender roommate pairings, which does not meet the needs of some students.

Gender inclusive housing options allow students who identify as transgender,* gender non-conforming*, agender* and similarly identified students the ability to choose a roommate of any gender or gender expression. Gender inclusive housing is available to anyone looking for a safe, inclusive, and supportive living experience and open to students of any gender identity or expression.

Application to GIH

Upper class students have the opportunity to apply for gender inclusive housing during the Room Selection Process. New and transfer students should contact the office of admissions or the Office of Community Living to request and review available options in their first year.

Upper class students seeking a more additive experience may also be interested in the Queer Connections – LGBTQI Themed Community.