Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Develop a deep understanding of the social construction–and social consequences–of gender and sexuality.

Study the intersectionality of gender and sexuality, of race and ethnicity, of age and class. Learn from the lives of women in the American and global context, letting their stories teach, inform, and inspire you.  

Our program emphasizes the ongoing interplay of theory and practice. You’ll learn the foundations of gender theory and also have the opportunity to look at how these constructs are lived out today. Our interdisciplinary approach explores history, culture, and art as a means of looking at how our understanding of gender shapes and is shaped in the world, both in the past and in the present. 

You’ll examine gender issues from a variety of perspectives, explore how the lives of women have shaped our society, and graduate with the critical thinking, reading, and writing skills you need to make an impact on the world.

Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Courses

In our courses, you’ll examine the role of gender through five distinct areas of study: historical contexts, representations, global perspectives, self-making, and institutions or systems of knowledge. Explore courses offered by our department and courses accepted for transfer credit.

The Rock LGBTQ+

Anna Howard Shaw Center for Gender Equity

The Anna Howard Shaw Center for Gender Equity is open to the whole campus community to participate in its programs of awareness, social advocacy, and outreach. Students can learn and grow by volunteering with the center to gain a greater understanding of the different social issues—and ways to help work for change. 

Anna Howard Shaw Center for Gender Equity