Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies Committee

2021-2022 WGSS Committee Members

  • Scott Melzer (Professor, Sociology & WGSS Chair)
  • Trisha Franzen (Professor, WGSS)
  • Bille Wickre (Professor, Art History)
  • Abigail Cahill (Assistant Professor, Biology)
  • Krista Quesenberry (Visiting Assistant Professor, English)
  • Lucia Soriano (Postdoctoral Fellow, WGSS and ETHN)
  • Jennifer Yawson (Associate Director for Anna Howard Shaw Women’s Center)
  • Kaydee Hall (Anna Howard Shaw Center for Gender Equity)
  • Alaina Pellar-Kosbar (Student)
  • Kenyatta Wooten (Student)
  • AJ Hatton (Student)
  • Katherine O’Connor (Student)