Gender Studies Minor

Examine the social construction and social consequences of gender. Explore how gender shapes–and is shaped by–history, culture, nationality, systems of representation, and institutions of knowledge.

Group of Albion College students participating in a discussion

Why Study Gender Studies at Albion?

As a gender studies minor, you’ll examine how gender intersects with every facet of our society. Building from a foundation in women’s, gender, and sexuality studies, you’ll take classes in sociology, biology, English literature, and religious studies. You’ll learn to discuss, analyze and critique gender theory and develop keen critical thinking, analytical, reading, and writing skills that will serve you well in any profession.

What Will You Learn as a Gender Studies Minor?

You’ll examine the social and historical constructions of masculinity and femininity both in the United States and beyond with a focus on how gender intersects with sexuality, race and ethnicity, nationality, culture, ability, and class.

You’ll analyze how gender and sexuality present in poetry, prose, and religious literature throughout history.

You’ll use gender theory and research to explore masculinity and femininity as identities, behavioral expectations, and organizing features of social life.