Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies Major

Examine gender as a social construction—and as a lived reality. Interrogate what it means to be gendered in today’s society, and how that intersects with sexuality, race and ethnicity, nationality, culture, ability and class.

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Why Study Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at Albion?

As a women’s, gender, and sexuality studies major, you’ll develop a deep understanding of the social construction–and social consequences–of gender. You’ll focus on the lives of women, both past and present, in the American and global context, and their active involvement in the world. And since the field of women’s, gender and sexuality studies is relevant to every discipline, you’ll have the opportunity to take classes in biology, sociology, anthropology, English literature and more.

What Will You Learn as a Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Major?

You’ll explore the historic, social, political and cultural context of the feminist movement in the United States (and its intersections with sexism and racism, classism, homophobia and other systems of power and oppression.)

You’ll examine the role of gender through five distinct areas of study: historical contexts, representations, global perspectives, self-making, and institutions or systems of knowledge. You’ll employ cross-cultural investigation to understand the dynamics and differences in the operation of gender in each area.

You’ll build a solid foundation in feminist and gender theory and develop a course of study based on what interests you most, before contextualizing all you learned in a capstone experience, which can take the form of a directed study, honors thesis, practicum or internship.

Program Pathways

As a women’s, gender, and sexuality studies major, you can choose to pursue an emphasis in gender studies or sexuality studies.


Gender Studies Emphasis

Major Courses

Women’s Studies Emphasis

 Major Courses


Study Away

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Broaden your horizons and contextualize your research by studying abroad. Through the Carleton Global Engagement: Women’s and Gender Studies in Europe, you’ll have the opportunity to undertake three months of field research in Germany, Poland, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic or Turkey, followed by five weeks of independent study or an apprenticeship in London.


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Pursue independent research through the Foundation for Undergraduate Research, Scholarship and Creative Activity (FURSCA). As a participant in FURSCA, you’ll submit a research proposal and, if accepted, you’ll be matched with a faculty mentor to help you execute your project.

Honors Thesis

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Thinking about graduate school? Consider taking on a challenge and exploring a topic you’re passionate about by writing an Honors thesis during your senior year. Through the Prentiss M. Brown Honors Program you’ll hone the critical thinking and writing skills you’ve developed as a women’s, gender, and sexuality major–and you’ll earn departmental honors, too.

Student Organizations

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Find your community in one of the many student-led organizations that celebrate the diversity of our campus. Raise awareness of LGBTQ+ issues in LGBriTS, or advocate for your peers as a member of the Student Senate.

Careers & Outcomes

As a student of women’s, gender, and sexuality studies, you’ll graduate equipped with keen critical thinking, writing, reading, analytical, and verbal and written communication skills that will serve you well in any profession. Many of our students go on to pursue graduate education, or find work in the fields of law, public policy, teaching, research, or medicine.


Job Titles

  • Lawyer
  • Legal Advocate
  • Activist
  • Policy Maker
  • Counselor
  • College Professor
  • K-12 Teacher
  • Research Assistant
  • Social Worker
  • Lobbyist
  • Physician


  • Boys and Girls Clubs of America
  • City of Grand Rapids, Michigan
  • AFL-CIO Michigan
  • KLA Corporation, Ann Arbor
  • National Cherry Festival, Traverse City, MI
  • Orchard Children’s Services