Sexuality Studies Minor

Explore the diversity of human sexuality and examine how historical and contemporary attitudes have shaped our understanding of sexual orientation and difference.

Albion students listening to a lecture in a classroom setting.

Why Study Sexuality Studies at Albion?

Our interdisciplinary and intersectional program examines how sexuality and sexual identity interact with gender, race and ethnicity, nationality, culture, ability, and class. As a sexuality studies minor, you’ll explore the development and understanding of sexuality and sexual practices, expressions, and identities across history and cultures. You’ll critically consider gender and sexual identity and develop keen critical thinking, reading, and writing skills that will set you apart in any career.

What Will You Learn as a Sexuality Studies Minor?

You’ll study the construct of sexual difference through the lens of feminist theory, developing a strong understanding of the feminist movement in the United States (and its intersections with sexism and racism, classism, homophobia, and other systems of power and oppression.)

You'll analyze writing by queer Western authors from the Renaissance through the twentieth century to understand how sexual identities and cultural oppression shaped their literature.

You’ll examine historical research on sexuality and consider how legal, religious, medical, and economic institutions have impacted attitudes to–and expressions of–sexual identities and orientation.