Internships and Off-Campus Studies

There are numerous intern opportunities and apprenticeships available through the New York Arts Program, sponsored by the Great Lakes Colleges Association (GLCA). Students may obtain practical experience in museums and galleries, or spend a studio semester working with artists involved in printmaking, photography, painting, graphic design, medical illustration, architecture, art therapy and other specialties.

Through GLCA programs in Philadelphia, Britain, France, Germany, Mexico, Africa and Asia other opportunities to study off-campus are available.

Internships - Within Michigan

Ella Sharp Museum of Art and History

The Ella Sharp Museum of Art and History, an accredited institution, is firmly committed to providing educational experiences in professional museum practices for young professionals. Internships are available during the summer and during the academic year. Most interns are enrolled in a related academic program at a university or community college but independent applications are accepted. Academic credit and a stipend are provided in many cases. Interns generally work 10-15 hours per week depending on their academic schedule. Summer interns may work longer hours depending on their specific project.

While interns are specifically assigned to a department and generally to a specific project, all interns receive regular training in collections management and artifact handling. Visit The Ella’s website,, for an overview of the museum and its programs.


Andrews Gallery of Wildlife Art – Exhibit Specialist Toggle Accordion

An intern in this department will learn the specifics of how to design, fabricate, interpret, and install an exhibition of wildlife art from the renowned Andrews Collection of Wildlife Art. Specific activities will concentrate on curatorship, visual communication, and program development. Additionally, interns will learn inventory control, collections management including artifact handling, and professional practices in museum management.

Education Department – Education Specialist Toggle Accordion

The Education Department is in charge of all public programming as well as the interpretation of exhibits. An intern in this department will learn the specifics of program design and planning as well as the implementation of outreach programming and school relations. Related activities will center on learning artifact handling and professional practices in program development.

Marketing and Visitor Services Department – Marketing Specialist Toggle Accordion

An intern in this department will learn the specifics of developing and implementing a marketing plan in a nonprofit organization. Specific activities will center on crafting press releases, media advertising, radio/TV copy, promotions, and special event coordination.


Interested candidates must submit the following: a cover letter describing their level of interest, a resume or academic transcripts, and an example of creative or expository writing. Any questions pertaining to applications should be directed to the intern coordinator.

Inquiries may be made to:

Dean Adkins, Intern Coordinator
Ella Sharp Museum of Art and History
3225 Fourth St.
Jackson, MI 49203
Phone: 517/787-2320

Internships - Within the United States

  • New York Arts Program (Bille Wickre) Internship/Credit (4 units of college credit)
  • Chicago-Urban Semester (Len Berkey) Internship
  • Washington DC – Washington Center (Marcy Sacks) Internship/Credit
    Washington Semester Internship/Credit
  • Philadelphia (Trisha Franzen) Internship/Credit
    Art Therapy, arts internships, museum work

Internships in Europe

Art Schools Toggle Accordion

  • Europe and Australia: Italy
    SACI Studio Art Centers International (Anne McCauley)
  • Ireland
    Burren College of Art (Lynne Chytilo)
  • Scotland
    Glasgow School of Art (Lynne Chytilo)
  • France
    Marchutz School (Lynne Chytilo)

Universities Toggle Accordion

This is not an inclusive list—there are many more programs available.

  • Greece
    College Year in Athens
  • United Kingdom
    University of Aberdeen, Scotland (Bille Wickre)
    University of Sussex, England

Other Opportunities Toggle Accordion

London-Educational Programme Abroad (Marcy Sacks) Internships Art Therapy, arts internships, museum work.

Please consult with the Center for International Education for more information and application forms.