Art and Art History

Study great artists or become one yourself. Develop your skills as a critical and creative thinker as you study art from around the world and across centuries. Challenge yourself as an artist as you experiment with media and practice your craft in our well-equipped studio spaces.

As a department, we offer enriching opportunities for the entire Albion community. Consider a major or minor in studio art or art history, or step outside your comfort zone by taking classes for nonmajors. 

You might examine race and its representation in American art or investigate connections between art and science during the Renaissance. You can master your skills in drawing, painting, photography, printmaking, ceramics, and sculpture or roll up your sleeves and try something new, like bookbinding or Japanese pottery.

Art and Art History Courses

In both art and art history courses, you’ll develop the ability and confidence to conceive, analyze and understand works of art in a variety of forms and to pursue lifelong learning in the arts. Explore courses offered by our department and courses accepted for transfer credit.


Bobbitt Visual Arts Center

Explore art from the 15th century to the present day in our Munro and Dickinson galleries, which feature art from collectors, artists and regional museums, selections from the College’s permanent collection, as well as the work of faculty and students.

The Art and Art History Department conducts a continuous exhibition program during the academic year. Art from collectors, artists, and regional museums is exhibited regularly and the shows are augmented with selections from the College’s permanent collection as well as the work of the art faculty and students.

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