Diversity Statement

The Department of Art and Art History at Albion College is committed to providing an open and welcoming environment to individuals of diverse ethnic, religious or racial backgrounds, geographic and cultural origins, class status, sexual orientation and to those of all physical abilities. We believe that individual expression in the form of artistic creation, analysis, and dialogue is essential to the maintenance of human life and the creation of a humane and just society. To this end we will:

  • Maintain facilities that are accessible to all.
  • Attempt to include within our curriculum broad perspectives.
  • Encourage artistic creation and analysis that reflects a diversity of viewpoints and individual experiences.
  • Provide in our galleries and collections of prints, objects, and other visual materials art work that reflects the broadest spectrum of the human experience.
  • Provide opportunities for advanced study that explores issues of diversity.
  • Cooperate with other areas of the College to further the diversity efforts of the institution.