Strategic Plan

Investing in our people, infrastructure and community to make Albion a shining light for the future of liberal arts education.

As we embark on our strategic planning process, we are creating a roadmap for Albion’s bright future. We will develop this shared vision collaboratively in a process that is inclusive, transparent and value-driven.

Our strategic planning will be guided by Albion’s three core pillars: purpose, belonging and action. We are building with purpose: fostering innovation on and beyond campus to meet the challenges of today and prepare students to shape the solutions of tomorrow, creating lasting social impact. We are cultivating belonging: designing a process with our community at its heart, offering opportunities for input from students, alumni, faculty, staff, trustees and community members. And we are committing to action: paving the way to make our shared vision a reality through tangible, measurable goals that we will assess and refine over time.

There is a role in this process for everyone. Join us as, together, we boldly create Albion’s future.

Students standing outside of Robinson Hall.

Strategic Planning Committee

Our strategic plan will be designed by–and for–our Albion College community.

Our Strategic Planning Committee brings together students, faculty and staff from across the College.

Building on input from all stakeholders–students, alumni, faculty, staff and community members–they will lead a planning process that utilizes their collective knowledge, experience and passion for the College to develop an agile strategic plan.

Meet Our Committee

Strategic Planning Timeline

  • January 2021 – Winter Strategic Plan Ideation Sessions
  • June 2021 – Steering Committee Planning Sessions
  • June/July 2021 – Environmental Scan and SWOT analysis
  • July – September 2021 – Stakeholder Interview/Ideation/Focus Group Sessions
  • July 9, 2021 – Steering Committee Facilitator Session
  • July 16, 2021 – Cabinet Facilitator Session
  • August – Target Ideation, Interview, and Focus Group Sessions inclusive of representatives from the Board of Trustees
  • September – December 2021 – Strategic Goals and Activities (iterated through fall 2021)
  • October – Board of Trustees Provided Draft Mission, Vision, Values, Strategic Imperatives, and illustrative Strategic Actions
  • January – April 2022 – Operational and Budget Plan
  • May 2022 – Final Plan Presented to Board of Trustees

Strategic Planning Principles

The following principles will inform Albion’s 2021-22 strategic planning process in the context of a broad vision as we head towards our bicentennial:

  • Inclusiveness: Our process includes opportunities for input from staff, faculty, students, trustees, alumni, and community members.
  • Clarity: We will create a rolling five-year plan with clear strategies, objectives, tactics, and assessable outcomes.
  • Creativity & Innovation: We will think creatively about the issues we have to address and encourage innovation in our strategies whether those be new approaches, reframing and enhancing current strategies, or figuring out ways to scale current approaches that work.
  • Agility & Adaptability: We will build strategies that are already underway into our plan, along with new priorities now and across the lifecycle of the plan, with the expectation that the plan will shift in response to the ongoing assessment of outcomes.
  • Transparency: We are committed to ongoing and open communication about the plan as drafts emerge from committee work and evolve in response to community feedback.
  • Significance: The plan will guide priorities in upcoming budgeting decisions and the expectations are that activities will be impactful.
  • Courageous Realism: The plan will be grounded in a realistic assessment of Albion’s strengths and weaknesses and of the current landscape of American higher education while ensuring we aspire to and take bold and courageous action.
  • Accountability: The plan will identify the parties responsible for the implementation of each of its elements.
  • Value-Driven: The plan will be consistent with Albion’s commitment to student learning, sustainability, and belonging.

The strategic planning committee will utilize the American Planning Association Principles to inform their work.

Share Your Input

You play an important role in the College’s strategic planning process. Use the form below to share your feedback and ideas as we set the vision for the bold future of Albion College.