Data Analytics Minor

In today’s society, data matters, it matters more, and it matters more widely than it ever has. There is a growing need for developing your ability to apply statistics, programming/coding, and mathematics to assess, analyze, and communicate data-driven problems in any industry. This minor complements nearly any major on campus and prepares you to enter a favorable market with opportunities in business, industry, government, and private consulting.

A student on a laptop.

Why Study Data Analytics at Albion?

The data analytics minor at Albion is designed for students who are interested in learning how to use data to make decisions in their fields of study and in their eventual professional career fields. 

As a data analytics minor, you’ll have the opportunity to enhance your major with cutting-edge data analytic techniques. You’ll develop a strong base of knowledge in the fundamentals of computation and algorithmic problem-solving, data types, and applications.

What Will You Learn as a Data Analytics Minor?

You will be able to collect, explore, and clean a dataset related to a question of interest with a comprehension of several data formats.

By learning at least one high-level programming language, you will be able to apply it to real-world datasets and present data visualizations as well as the basic data analyses.

You’ll learn to recognize societal concerns associated with data collection and analysis, such as ethical issues of implicit biases, privacy, confidentiality.

You’ll develop the ability to make decisions by interpreting the results from the analyses, presenting data in a clear and professional manner.