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We are proud of our faculty who are renowned scholars in more than 40 disciplines and are actively conducting groundbreaking research in their respective fields. However, what sets them apart is their continued dedication to their students.

As a student at Albion College, you’ll have the opportunity to work closely with faculty on the issues you care about. Our student-to-faculty ratio is 12-to-1, which means that your professors will not only know your name, but they’ll be aware of the guidance you need to succeed. We foster the kind of environment that leads to true mentorship with programs like FURSCA and our specialized centers and institutes. Our faculty will challenge you, encouraging you to pursue your purpose and helping you reach further than you ever imagined.

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That’s why I do what I do—to be with students, to help them find the path that fits them, and then to watch them grow as they go down that path.

Heather Betz, dean of curriculum and associate professor and chair of kinesiology

Heather Betz

Dean of Curriculum and Associate Professor and Chair of Kinesiology

Guided by faculty, students have completed research across all disciplines. Their projects have focused on local issues, like the creation of a human rights tool kit for campus. Others have used our resources to gain insight into other eras and cultures, like identifying Peruvian artifacts in Albion’s art collection. Working closely with mentors, they have traced the relationship between cortisol and empathy, examined the use of nontransitive dice in the casino and conducted a historical analysis of the 1918 flu.

Your journey towards your life’s purpose is not a solitary one. At Albion, you’ll belong to a community of scholars from the get-go and will be treated as one in your own right. Our faculty will be with you every step of the way.

We all have a way of seeing the world and we all bring different truths to the classroom experience.

Dominick Quinney, assistant professor of ethnic studies, Albion College

Dominick Quinney

Assistant Professor of Ethnic Studies

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