Applied Mathematics Minor

If you enjoy problem solving not just to arrive at an answer, but to incorporate the answer you uncover into practical, on-the-ground decision making, consider adding a minor in applied mathematics to your major in another discipline at Albion College. If you are a pre-engineering student, your math courses for that program place an applied mathematics minor easily within your reach. Only an additional 1.25 units are required to complete the applied mathematics minor.

Two students working together on a laptop computer

Why Study Applied Mathematics at Albion?

The courses for the minor are grounded in theory but at the same time focus squarely on putting your learning to use in the everyday, real-world professional sphere. Along the way, you’ll discover your strengths through individual attention and small class sizes in state-of-the-art facilities. You’ll also join an engaging scholarly community outside of class—perhaps during a meal, or during our weekly colloquium series, or during professor office hours.

What Will You Learn as an Applied Mathematics Minor?

From differential equations and numerical analysis to operations research and mathematical modeling, you’ll work on problems directly applicable to fields such as physics, chemistry, biology, economics, engineering and sustainability.

You’ll build your quantitative skill set while enhancing the critical thinking and logical reasoning capabilities that are at the core of your academic major.