Grants & Foundation Relations

Essential funding for Albion research, programs and services.

Grants lifecycleGovernment agencies, foundations and corporations are powerful supporters through their funding of institutional priorities at Albion College. The Office of Grants and Foundation Relations works to broaden this base of support for college initiatives and programs, and it supports Albion College faculty, staff and administrators in seeking and securing public and private grants through these institutions.

To discuss funding opportunities, please contact the Office of Grants and Foundation Relations online or by phone at 517-629-0829.

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  • Conducting research to discover potential grant makers whose interests match a proposed project
  • Communicating with prospective grantors
  • Assisting with proposal development
  • Submitting proposals and distributing them internally
  • Notifying and acknowledging decisions received from grantors
  • Receiving grant agreements and securing appropriate signatures
  • Coordinating with the Business Office and individual grantee to ensure funds received are appropriately tracked
  • Notifying internal departments and coordinating announcement of grants awarded
  • Contacting grantors regarding adjustments in funded projects
  • Reminding grant teams of reporting deadlines

*Principal investigators are ultimately responsible for completing all narrative and financial reports required by grant makers.

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The Pre-Award Grants Application assists in aligning support and resources required for grants and subawards. It serves to alert administrative offices of grant proposals, indicate the need for regulatory approvals, and identify support required (matching funds, in-kind, and/or indirect costs) should your proposal be funded. The Grants Application should be submitted at least 10 business days prior to the deadline of the grant proposal or subaward.

Please contact the Grants team as soon as you’re aware of a grant opportunity. We are happy to meet to discuss the application and process.

Grants Manual

Post-Award Checklist Toggle Accordion

Once you are awarded a grant — no matter how small — please do the following:

1. Submit copies of all paperwork received from the grant maker to the Pre and Post Award Specialist in the Office of Institutional Advancement. This includes official notification of acceptance, financial forms and signature pages.
2. Follow all instructions received from the grant maker.
3. List report deadlines on your calendar. Contact the Pre and Post Award Specialist for details on submitting your deadline information to the Grants Calendar.
4. Contact the Business Office and Grants Office to discuss procedures and set up financial accounts and grants procedures for the new project.

  • Work closely with Business Office personnel to facilitate financial transactions, especially with government grant makers.
  • Keep receipts, enter expenditures in a spreadsheet and cross check with Business Office accounting on a regular basis.
  • Work with the Pre and Post Award Specialist to review the Grant Contract, relevant documentation, deadlines and procedures.

5. Contact the grants director regarding grant maker approval of any necessary project revisions.
6. Contact the Pre and Post Award Specialist for assistance on financial and narrative reporting. Keep detailed records of outcomes, financials and time and effort to ensure this process flows expeditiously.

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Compliance Committees Toggle Accordion

Based on federal law, several regulatory committees have been established at Albion College.

  • If your research involves human subjects or animals, you must consult with the appropriate committee before submitting your grant proposal for funding.
  • If your research involves potentially infectious agents, carcinogens, teratogens, mutagens, hazardous chemicals and/or radioactive materials or radiation-producing equipment, you need to have your research protocols (SOP) reviewed by the Chemical Hygiene Officer.
  • If your research involves in vitro formation of recombinant DNA, you need to consult with the Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) and the Associate Dean of the Faculty.