Organizational and Departmental Fundraising

It has long been the policy of the College that all fundraising efforts be coordinated through the Office of Institutional Advancement. This enables us to avoid donor confusion and assures that donors receive proper gift documentation.

For example, we do not want someone asking a donor for a $50 donation to cover the cost of supplies on the day before the President is planning to ask that donor for $1,000,000 for a new building.

If any group you lead or advise is contemplating a fundraising project, campaign, or developing a grant proposal, please review the Fundraising Guidelines, complete a Request for Fundraising Activity Form and submit it to the Office of Institutional Advancement. If you have any questions (or need any advice or guidance with your effort), please call the Office of Institutional Advancement (x0402); a staff member will guide you to the appropriate individual to discuss the particulars about your fundraising project.


  1. It is not necessary to seek approval for those fundraising efforts that are totally conducted on campus, and are primarily focused on raising small amounts of money from members of the campus community, such as bake sales or Valentine’s Day serenades, as long as all rules and regulations of Campus Life, Kellogg Center, or other applicable departments are met.
  2. Faculty and staff who are seeking funding from corporations or foundations for program and research support should work through the Office of Grants and Foundation Relations and prepare an Albion College Grant Proposal Form.