Constituent Information Request Program

Purpose & Objectives

The Office of Institutional Advancement (IA) acknowledges the need for Albion College departments, institutes, centers, and other campus entities to have reasonable access to the contact information of alumni, parents, and friends. This document aims to provide a standardized information request process that is efficient, that is user-friendly, and that facilitates information sharing between Albion College entities.

Providing departments, institutes, and other campus partners with reasonable access to constituent information will:

  • Enable them to communicate more effectively and thoroughly with their audiences;
  • Provide them with additional confidence in the accuracy of the contact information they are using;
  • Increase the overall level of engagement between Albion College and its constituencies;
  • Equip IA staff members with information that can help them to strategically engage constituents; and
  • Ensure more consistency and unity in the College’s communications with constituents.

Eligible Partners

IA partners that are covered under this program include, but are not necessarily limited to:

  • Academic Departments
  • Alumni Association Board Members
  • Alumni Chapter Leadership
  • Alumni Reunion Volunteers
  • Athletic Team Staff Members
  • Board of Trustees Members
  • Campus Programs & Organizations Staff Members
  • Development Committees
  • Greek Organization Staff Members
  • Centers and Institutes Staff Members
  • Parent Leadership Council Members
  • Student Group Advisors


The following is the process by which contact information can be requested.

  1. The requester agrees to the terms of the confidentiality statement and the agreement on appropriate use of the requested information.
  2. A faculty or staff member or College volunteer submits a written request to the Assistant Director of Advancement Services via an online form. If the requester is an employee, his / her division head must be copied on the request. If the requester is not an employee, he / she should have a faculty or staff member sponsor. The Assistant Director of Advancement Services will notify other IA units as appropriate.
  3. Advancement Services works with IT to create the list and distributes an Excel spreadsheet to the requester. IA asks for two weeks’ notice on requests when possible.
  4. Data Verification: Each requester is asked to submit the names of five people who should be on the requested list and five who are not to help ensure the data’s accuracy. Data integrity is a shared responsibility.
  5. When appropriate, Marketing and Communications provides design templates and guidelines.

Request Information