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Scholarships are a gift. They change lives, allowing entry into a world of thought and exploration that would otherwise not be possible. We believe in their transformative power, and are always working to provide more.

Albion Scholarships

Albion’s academic scholarships are awarded to students with outstanding academic records who demonstrate potential for future success. You will automatically be considered for awards when you apply.

Scholarships for the 2021-22 academic year will range from $23,000 to $34,000 ($92,000 to $136,000 over four years).

All Albion academic scholarships are based solely upon merit, regardless of need. All are renewable each year, subject to satisfactory academic progress.

Our goal is to recognize students for their academic performance to ensure that students have the resources needed to make an Albion education affordable.

Scholarship notifications begin November 1.

Department and Campus Scholarships

The College provides a number of opportunities to recognize students for their unique talents and abilities.

The following scholarships are offered to entering and continuing students and are renewable.

Bernard T. Lomas Scholarship Toggle Accordion

  • Available to a student intending to major in communication studies. Based on the applicant’s academic record and speech-related activities.

A.L.B.I.O.N. Fellows Program Toggle Accordion

What does that mean? Each year up to 10 students from the Greater Albion area will be offered the opportunity to serve as an A.L.B.I.O.N. Fellow. These students will be provided with tuition, housing and meals for four years in exchange for working in and serving the Albion community.

David Randall Chemistry Scholarship Toggle Accordion

  • Available to students who plan to major or are majoring in chemistry. Based upon an applicant’s academic record and student intent to pursue an advanced degree in chemistry or related science.
  • Students must maintain a 3.0 GPA to renew the scholarship.
  • Contact the Chemistry Department at 517/629-0276 for further information.

Fine Arts Scholarships Toggle Accordion

  • Based on demonstrated talent, and without regard to academic major, to students planning to participate in art, music, or theatre.
  • Contact the departments listed below for an audition and/or interview.

Kalamazoo Promise - Our Promise Toggle Accordion

  • Available to students who have the Kalamazoo Promise scholarship.
  • Students should complete a FAFSA by February 15th each year.
  • Students may have up to 100% of their financial need met to cover tuition, fees, housing and food costs depending upon the value of their Promise scholarship.
  • Financial need may be met through the Promise Scholarship along with college, state and federal grants/scholarships as well as campus employment.

Scholarships for Incoming Students Residing in Michigan's Upper Peninsula Toggle Accordion

Upper Peninsula students can earn non-competitive, merit-based scholarships, which are based on high school academic achievement and are awarded at the time a student is admitted to Albion College. Additionally, in accordance with the wishes of James A. and Verle A. Klungness, ’50, and William H. and Clifford G. Anderson, ’37, Albion offers a number of full-tuition scholarships to incoming students from the Upper Peninsula.

Scholarship Opportunities for Upper Peninsula Seniors

Methodist Student Aid Programs

United Methodist Clergy Award Toggle Accordion

  • Available to children of ordained United Methodist clergy who are on an active assignment with a United Methodist Conference.
  • Automatic consideration for the award based on information provided on the admission application.

United Methodist Student Scholarship Toggle Accordion

  • Awarded to select students who are active members of their local United Methodist Church.
  • Complete the Application and Certification of Church Membership form for consideration.
  • Funding is provided by the national office of the United Methodist Church.

John Wesley Matching Scholarship Toggle Accordion

  • Albion College will match a scholarship that a student receives from his/her local United Methodist Church up to $1,000.
  • Complete the John Wesley Scholarship Application for consideration.

Triple Your Dollars for Scholars Toggle Accordion

  • Albion College participates in the “Triple Your Dollars for Scholars” program through the United Methodist Foundation. Visit the foundation’s Web site for details about this scholarship program.

Community/External Scholarships

For useful information about external or community-based scholarships, you’ll find reference guides in local newspapers, your local public library, and the Albion College Student Financial Services Office.

A few other places to explore also include: