Albion College Promise

Albion College Promise: Supporting Michigan Families

The Albion College Promise is exclusive to graduating Michigan high school seniors and transfer students. Albion College will cover 100% of tuition for Michigan families making under $55,000 annually, after the Michigan Tuition Grant, Michigan Achievement Scholarship, and Federal Pell Grant are applied. Families are responsible for fees, as well as housing and food charges; however, federal loans may be applied toward these costs.

Albion College Promise Eligibility and Conditions

Families with significant assets atypical for their income level may not qualify for the Albion College Promise. Assets include, but are not limited to, cash and savings; investments; home equity; business worth; farm worth; and other real estate equity. The number of people in the household can also affect eligibility. Upon submission of the FAFSA to Albion College, the student must be eligible for the Federal Pell Grant to receive the Albion College Promise.

If you qualify, your financial aid will include scholarships and grants totaling at least the cost of tuition. Your financial aid may contain a variety of awards (Federal Pell Grant, Federal Supplemental Opportunity Grant (FSEOG), Michigan Tuition Grant, Michigan Achievement Scholarship, institutional scholarships and grants). These, together, make up the Albion College Promise.

Students must also live in campus-owned housing and be pursuing their first Bachelor’s degree.

The Albion College Promise applies for the Fall 2024 incoming class. The Albion College Promise does not account for possible tuition and fee increases for future academic years.


How does it work? Toggle Accordion

You do not have to apply specifically for the Albion College Promise. The Albion College Promise is automatically awarded to qualified Michigan residents who:

  1. Apply to Albion College
  2. Get admitted; and
  3. complete your FAFSA.

It’s that easy.

If I do not qualify for the Albion College Promise, will I still be considered for additional aid? Toggle Accordion

Yes! We’re proud to invest in supporting all Michigan families. 100% of all Fall 2024 admitted students will be offered a base scholarship of $26,000—a number that could go up as high as $40,000 annually for 4 years.

Can I qualify for additional aid beyond the Albion College Promise? Toggle Accordion


Can my financial aid award change if I was asked to submit additional documentation? Toggle Accordion

If we have requested additional information to verify your FAFSA results, your award is contingent on you providing this information for our review. If the information submitted is different from what was reported to us originally on your FAFSA, your award may change.

I am transferring to Albion College. Can I get the Albion College Promise? Toggle Accordion

At Albion, we value our transfer students, and the experiences you bring to our campus community. So, yes, transfer students are eligible. Your eligibility will be considered when you have been admitted, and have submitted a completed FAFSA to us.

Do I have to be enrolled full-time to qualify for the Albion College Promise? Toggle Accordion

Yes, you must be enrolled in a minimum of 3 units to be eligible.

Can I live off-campus or commute from home and still receive the Albion College Promise? Toggle Accordion

No, but please consult with the Office of Financial Aid to further discuss options.

  • Office of Financial Aid

    Questions about scholarships or financial aid? Feel free to reach out!

    Phone: 517-629-0440