Scholarships and Expenses

Invest in a life of purpose.

International students who meet or exceed the minimum requirements for admission will be awarded academic scholarships. In determining scholarships, we look at a student’s overall application, academic achievement and potential for success at Albion College. Scholarships are also available to recognize fine arts talent; students must submit an audition or portfolio for review after admission.

International Scholarships

All admitted students are eligible for awards covering 40-60% of expenses, awarded upon admission based on the information provided in the application.

We have many more qualified international applicants than we can support through our financial aid awards. In general, families must be able to contribute most of the cost attendance from sources outside of Albion College.

Living in residence halls allows you to meet more people and lets you get more work done. There are study areas you can use, and if all that is distracting, you have a million other places to go study.

Erris, Kosovo

Mathematics, 2019

Estimated Cost for International Students

Before you apply to Albion College, it’s important to review our costs and make a family financial plan. Once you are admitted, you will be required to submit a detailed Statement of Financial Support to document your available funding.

2021–22 Estimate*
Tuition and Fees$53,090
Housing and Meals$12,380
Health Insurance$1,700

International students are to purchase health insurance coverage approved by the college. For this reason, the estimate may not reflect the cost estimate for US Citizens and Permanent Residents.

In order to receive the I-20 Certificate of Eligibility necessary for your visa application, you must be admitted to Albion College and submit the necessary documentation showing that you have the funds to cover your first year of study. Please complete the Statement of Financial Support no later than June 1 for Fall/August entry and November 1 for Spring/January entry.

Financial Documentation for I-20

Albion College Statement of Financial Support

Albion College requires a complete Statement of Financial Support in order to issue the required visa documents, and for any conversations about your scholarship award. Please complete the form no later than June 1.

External Sources for Financial Assistance


What should I do to confirm my plans to enroll and prepare for arrival? Toggle Accordion

Once you know that you will attend Albion, log into your Briton Bound account and pay your enrollment deposit. This deposit will be applied to your first bill. You must also submit a complete Albion Statement of Financial Support to begin the visa application process.

Once you have sent your deposit, you will receive details about the many steps required before you arrive.

What is the Albion Experience Scholarship? Toggle Accordion

Albion College is a friendly community where students will interact with professors and staff on a daily basis. We want you to experience these connections early, and if you engage meaningfully with campus before April 15, 2020 you are eligible for the Albion Experience Award.

Are more scholarship funds available? Toggle Accordion

If you submit additional academic information or additional details about your financial situation, documented in the Albion Statement of Financial Support, before the application deadline, another review may take place. Albion accepts scholarships from external sources as well.

Can I get a loan from Albion College for the costs? Toggle Accordion

Albion College does not provide loans for international students. A few US banks will offer loans to international students; however, they require a well-qualified US citizen to co-sign the loan. You may be eligible for loans from your government or local banks, and Admissions can help you if they require specific documents.

May I work on campus to cover the difference? Toggle Accordion

While campus jobs are possible and many students hold them, they provide only a few hundred dollars per month and students typically use their earnings toward their personal expenses. Visa regulations limit the type and amount of work an international student may do, and we cannot use the possibility of a job to issue the I- 20 for immigration purposes – those funds must be in a bank account.

May I live off campus to decrease my costs? Toggle Accordion

Albion College is a residential campus and generally speaking, all students are required to live on campus for the four years of study. Toward the end of their studies, students have options for on-campus housing that may be more or less expensive. Students are not allowed to live in housing in the community.

How will I know what future costs will be? Toggle Accordion

Each year costs increase due to changes in tuition, the cost of living, health insurance, etc. We cannot predict the costs for future years; tuition typically rises 4-5% and other expenses rise 2-5%. Students are expected to pay their bills each semester and will not be allowed to register for nor attend classes until balances are paid. We strongly encourage families to plan now for these increases to avoid interruptions in study.

What if the currency exchange rate changes? Toggle Accordion

We understand that families have no control over changes in the currency exchange rate, however, we cannot alter the costs or estimates based on these fluctuations. Students remain responsible for paying the amount due before registering for future semesters.

What can I do to increase my scholarship for future years? Toggle Accordion

The final scholarship offered before you deposit will not change for the four years of study. You are welcome to apply for external scholarships to contribute to expenses for future years, and Albion offices can assist you with the documents you need for these applications.

Albion has opened my mind to things that I would not have learned otherwise; from the city of Albion to the homemade solar panels in Israel and everything in between. With every class and extracurricular activity that I do, I find myself expanding my horizons.

Roohia, Pakistan