Location-Specific Merit Scholarships

Students from Albion, Kalamazoo and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan have the ability for location-specific merit-based scholarships.

Albion College Promise

Albion College Promise: Supporting Michigan Families

The Albion College Promise is exclusive to graduating Michigan high school seniors and transfer students. Albion College will cover 100% of tuition for Michigan families making under $55,000 annually after the Michigan Tuition Grant, Michigan Achievement Scholarship, and Federal Pell Grant are applied. Families are responsible for feeds, as well as housing and food charges; however, federal loans may be applied toward these costs.

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Build Albion Fellows Program

Each year up to 10 students from the Greater Albion area will be offered the opportunity to serve as an Albion Fellow. These students may be provided with tuition, housing and meals for four years in exchange for working in and serving the Albion community.

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Kalamazoo Promise — Our Promise

This scholarship is available to students who have the Kalamazoo Promise scholarship. Students should complete a FAFSA by February 15 each year. Students may have up to 100% of their financial need met to cover tuition, fees, housing and food costs depending upon the value of their Promise scholarship. Financial need may be met through the Promise Scholarship along with college, state and federal grants/scholarships as well as campus employment.

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Scholarship for High School Seniors in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

Upper Peninsula students can earn non-competitive, merit-based scholarships, which are based on high school academic achievement and are awarded at the time a student is admitted to Albion College. Albion offers a number of full-tuition scholarships to incoming students from the Upper Peninsula.

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