Room Set Up Seaton Hall
Seaton Hall main lounge
Seaton Hall main lounge
Seaton Community Assistants

The Seaton Hall Experience

Seaton is a traditional-style residence hall that has a community focus and opportunities to connect in passing. With a spacious lounge on the first floor with ample room for study groups or reality TV watch parties, this is a perfect place for those who want to truly build their community. The main lounge also contains the community kitchen which means that students have ample room to come together over a hot meal or bake a cake for a friend’s birthday. Our Honors Community also lives across the ground and first floors, with close proximity to a dedicated quiet lounge for those wanting to hit the books and focus on their academics.

Housing up to 224 students, the hall is located on the corner of Cass Street and Ditzler Way and is connected by a breezeway to Baldwin Hall.

Room Selection Process

If interested in applying to live in Seaton Hall during Room Selection Process, students can apply in groups of two.

For more information on room rates, please see the Student Accounting Office’s Tuition & Fees page.

Students residing in Seaton Hall are required to select one of the 15, 18, or 21-Block Residential Meal Plans. Please see the Dining Services page for more information.

Seaton Hall Floor Plan

Residence Hall Amenities

Internet Access

  • Wireless access is available throughout the building. Wired connections are available upon request (submit work order request to the Helpdesk to be connected).

Key Access

  • Our card system allows students to use their Albion1Card as a key to their residential building as well as their individual room.


  • Located inside the first floor lounge level, the building’s full kitchenette has a stove, sink, refrigerator, and microwave. Some kitchen equipment is available to borrow upon request.

Lounges and Study Space

  • The first floor has a large central lounge space with a large screen TV, a kitchenette, soft furniture, and study pods. Students often hook up laptops and consoles to the TV, and our staff hosts regular programs in the space.
  • The ground floor is set up for quiet studying, and hosts programs and workshops for the Honors theme community.

Computer Lab/ Printer

  • Located on the first floor, the Seaton Hall computer lab is equipped with a desktop computer and a black and white printer. If equipment is not functioning correctly, please contact HelpDesk through the work order system.


  • Laundry facilities at Albion College are free of charge
  • Four washers and four dryers are located in the ground level of Seaton Hall

Vending Machines

  • Vending machines for snacks and drinks are located in the first floor lounge.

Equipment Check Out

  • During on-call hours, students can visit the Community Assistant Office to check-out games and limited cleaning supplies and cookware.

Residents are responsible for the housekeeping of their individual rooms and suite bathrooms. Albion College cleans other common areas (lounges, public restrooms, kitchenettes, etc.).

Room Furnishings

Per Student:

  • XL twin size bed (80” x 36”)
  • May be bunked or placed as individuals
  • Desk and desk chair
  • Bookcase/shelf
  • Chest of drawers (three-drawer unit)
  • Closet

Per Room:

  • Ethernet port

Building your own loft is prohibited. All College furniture must remain in the room throughout the entire academic year.

Board Plan

Students residing in Seaton Hall must select 1 of 3 available Residence Hall Block Plans. Please see the Dining Services page for more information.

Internet Access

Seaton Hall has wireless access throughout the building. Wired connections are available in each room.

Key Access

Seaton Hall is set up on a card system that allows students to use their Albion1Card as a key to their residential building as well as their individual room.

Community Living Staff

Area Coordinator (AC)

  • A full-time professional staff member hired through the Office of Community Living lives on the first floor of each main residence hall year round.
  • The Area Coordinator responsible for Seaton Hall resides in Whitehouse Hall and maintains office hours in both Whitehouse and Seaton Halls.

Community Assistant (CA)

  • An upper-class student leader hired through the Office of Community Living
  • Each wing houses one CA (CA to student ratio 1:30)

Use of Tobacco Products

Seaton Hall is a smoke-free facility. Fore more information about Use of Tobacco Products, please see the Student Handbook.

Emergency Telephone Locations

Seaton Hall has one emergency telephone location that is a direct line to Campus Safety:

  1. Inside North main entrance (Cass Street Side)

Please see Campus Safety’s Emergency Telephone Location Map for all emergency telephone locations.

Physical Address

1004 E. Cass Street
Albion, MI. 49224