Careers and Life After Albion for Undocumented Students

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Career and Internship Center staff provides services for all students deciding on a major, looking for internships, preparing for graduate school, seeking a professional job, and life after Albion. We have experience advising DACA/Undoc Students, and we will be respectful of your needs and your privacy.

We look forward to helping you – whether you are a freshman or a senior.

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Important information

Life after College: A Guide for Undocumented Students

This guide includes information, tips and resources as well as personal narratives, student testimonials, and advice from experts. By knowing about the array of available options, undocumented students can be encouraged and unafraid to take the next steps.

DREAMer Friendly Companies

These companies signed a 2020 pro-DACA amicus brief submitted to the Supreme Court of The United States or are TheDream.US Employer Partners.

Employers Interested in Hiring DACA Students

The following are employers, who indicated as part of a recruitment survey conducted in 2015 by Penn and UCLA, that they would like to be included on a list of those specifically interested in hiring DACA students. The list is broken down by industry. The survey was conducted again in 2019 and the National Association of Colleges and Employers, and those employers are listed in italics below.

Undocumented Professionals

A safe platform for the undocumented communities to highlight their experiences from student as they transition to professionals.

Undocu Grad School Guide

Undocu-friendly guide to pursuing, financing and navigating graduate school

Your Employment Rights with DACA and TPS

These FAQs below will help you understand your employment rights with DACA/TPS and an EAD.

What Employers Can and Can’t Ask

Income and Career Options for Undocumented Students

Undocumented people without DACA or TPS can have a career and earn a living. Undocumented professionals share their stories and advice on how to make it work. We present options and resources to help you advance your careers, regardless of your immigration status.

How DREAMers can Earn a living through Worker Co-ops

Democracy at Work Institute’s (DAWI) is spearheading the Rapid Response Cooperative (RRC) Development Program to create replicable, out-of-the-box worker-owned businesses that provide a pathway to work for DREAMers and others with barriers to employment. You will hear how DREAMers, immigrant rights groups, colleges, work development organizations and others can join together to help DREAMers find income opportunities through Worker Co-Ops.

The Non-Citizen’s Guide to Entrepreneurship