Off-Campus Opportunities

Albion College partners with many different off-campus program educational centers that allow you to focus on your internship and research interests. You can gain experiences that enhance your education in many ways. Attend one of these off-campus programs for course credit, internships, and research opportunities. Experiential learning can assist you in determining what you like and don’t like about a career and create networks that are invaluable for graduate school recommendations and job opportunities.

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City skyline view of Philadelphia from across the water.

The Philadelphia Center

Albion in Philadelphia. Live, learn and intern in the 6th largest U.S. city. Gain more than 300 hours of work experience, simulate life after graduation, build independence and foster community.

Chicago Center - Study Away

Turn the country’s third-largest city into your home for a semester or summer. At the Chicago Center, you will experience a unique opportunity to learn from the diversity of experiences represented in the program and city. Bring your future degree to life through a professional placement in Chicago.

New York Arts Program

The New York Arts Program is designed for students interested in the Visual Arts & Art History, Performing Arts, and Film &Media. Students will be required to work in internships, usually 30 hours a week, forming the major part of the program and will be living in an apartment complex on Lexington Avenue, near Central Park

The Washington Center

TWC advisors are able to find students opportunities in nonprofit, for-profit, governmental, and international arenas that allow students to gain hands-on experience. Students are housed in The Washington Center’s privately owned and operated Residential & Academic Facility.

The Washington Semester Program

Through intensive academic seminars at American University and specially-tailored internship opportunities throughout DC, students apply their newfound knowledge to the real world. Students have the choice of living in on-campus residence halls or off-campus apartments.

The Duke University Marine Laboratory

Located in Beaufort, NC, the program provides interdisciplinary educational and research opportunities addressing an area of vital concern–the quality of the Earth’s environment and the sustainable use of its natural resources. Undergraduate students reside on Pivers Island.

The Importance of Experiential Learning

Graduate schools often look to relevant experience during college years to demonstrate your knowledge and commitment to your chosen field of advanced study. Experiences beyond classwork such as off-campus programs assist you in connecting theoretical academics with the real world. Letters of recommendation from internship mentors may be key to acceptance into a graduate program.

Why Experiential Learning?

Experiences beyond the classroom are often essential in securing a job in your field after graduation Research from the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) identifies employers place a high value on experiential learning as those seeking their first job. Recent Albion College graduates say the number one resource they used to find a job was networking through an internship or prior job. Participating in an off-campus program will help you build a foundation for your career success.

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