A female student standing next to hand painted life-size cutouts of people.

Shurmur Center Mission

The mission of the Fritz Shurmur Center for Teacher Development is to do more than just prepare students for teacher certification. We provide our future teachers with the practical skills they need in the classroom, while also giving them a thorough understanding of the broader issues impacting education in today’s society.

Our graduates become superior teachers equipped with the skills they need to serve as effective change agents for educational reform, both within the classroom and in the public policy arena. A competitive selection process ensures that we attract the brightest students into the teaching profession, and our commitment to developing future teachers has been nationally recognized.

The Shurmur Center provides students with guest speakers, co-curricular activities, mentorship opportunities, and a special community that’s dedicated to positively impacting the teaching profession. Combine all of this with hands-on experience in the form of internships, research and travel, and the result is a competitive advantage when it comes to securing that first job and sustaining a meaningful career in education.

On-campus resources like the Ferguson Center for Technology-Aided Teaching and the Division of Information Technology prepare teacher candidates with the skills they need to effectively integrate technology into their curriculum. Additionally, a dynamic partnership with Albion Public Schools and the Albion community allows administrators, faculty, staff, and students to actively contribute to improving education for our local children and youth.